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Trubkal Acne??

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post on this board - Ive found the site whilst searching on the net for scar treatment, and this looks an extremley informative site. I was on a huge dose of roaccuatane for 11 months, and am pleased to sy that it worked bigtime (this was 2.5 years ago) - unfortunaltey I've been left with considerable scarring on my chest and shoulders - I've been patient with all the creams under the sun - is there any form of treatment that would help (needling perhaps?) I know this is my first post and feel slightly cheeky in asking for your help straight away - but Im really quite desperate.



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Guest niko

I would trade for the back and chest scarring in a heartbeat.

You wanna look good? heres how

Get your body in superior physical condition (sounds kind of hitlerish :)# )

Start working out six days a week if you don't already. Weight lifting, pushups, pullups, running, swimming, do it all.

In the meantime, think about a tattoo.

Do this for at least six months. Then when you are there, get a good tattoo artist to put something like a tribal dragon going slithering around your shoulders, chest and back.

You will look like a badass, problem solved.


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Im way ahead of you on the working out thing - Ive been doing it years - when Im chunky and feeling strong and good the scars unfortunatley look huge and far worse - when Im in condition they dont look as bad - but this is difficult and costs a fortune in food!! Chest scarring is no fun, at least the face stuff can receive treatment, from what I hear theres nothing for back and chest - it s horrible even when you've got abs the skin texture makes it look celluliteish and the term 'ice pick' couldn't be more apt for my chest (both pecs). I was however thinking of this needling thing - do people think it really could work?? Im not saying one type is worse than another as I was fortunate with my facial acne scars and they've all gone - but from my perspective at least from a potential partners' viewpoint if they accept facial scars - they've seen the worst - with me taking my top off is the most nerve racking thing imagineable, watching a girls face drop in dissapointment, when they're expecting something pleasing, makes you want cry - I'd never wish it on anyone

it kinda peeves me that all the guys at the gym that have got self-inflicted ance due to steroids - apart from a few, theirs clears up a treat....

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