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Alternative Cures

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I recommend that anyone check out this book called Alternative Cures by Bill Gottlieb. Check it out first at the library, so you don't have to spend money. If they don't have it, then go to ebay or half.com or amazon.com for a cheaper price.

Anyway, this book talks about acne and it recommends a list of vitamins to take, herbs to take (drink), a few point massages that takes a minute a week to release toxins.

It seems rather easy to follow--nothing complicated. I have taken the vitamins, and I haven't seen a difference, but I have been taking vitamins forever before that anyone. I still have to try the herbs, I just don't know where to buy them, but I know they are somewhere because I recognize the names. It explains what causes acne.

Read the book free from a library, so if you don't like it you don't have to spend a hefty price for nothing. It also has many other alternative cures for many different problems.

Good luck. Just another option for you guys. I would not recommend reading this if I didn't think it was easy.

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The herbs to boil are burdock, yellow dock, echinacea, milk thistle. They are not the herbs to mix together in that order or anything. I didn't list all of it, but he explains how to mix them together to create a formula to drink regularly to detox.

There's also herbs like yarrow and ways to use for hydrotherapy, which is steaming your face with the herbs.

I recommend checking out the book at the library or buy it cheap at the following website because he explailns how to use it for best results.

I should get my mom to help me find the herbs for detox.

He recommends the hydrotherapy for releasing toxins because the doctors in the book believes it's the digestion system that doesn't process greasy things well, so it goes through releases through the skin. It sounds so well explained that I recommend checking it out. It's only 3 pages and 2 half pages. It's on page 7-11.

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It has nine herbs to mix together and take 2 times per week for 3 months to get the liver working, clean the blood system and combat infections.

I recommend checking it out at the library first.

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Funny you mentioned those herbs, because I've tried all of them in the past. I made tea before with burdock and yellow dock root. I drank it for a short while but I didn't notice much improvement, if any. I took enchinacea as a supplement and also didn't notice improvements. I'm taking a liver supplement now that contains milk thistle.

I've read many research recommending burdock, yellow dock and other herbs for acne but those two were the most popular. Maybe I should've gave it more time to see results. I still have much left. They are expensive at local stores, so you should buy them online. I bought mines from pennherb.com just for your information because they had good prices and service.

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