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acne mostly around mouth

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Very common. It is an often irritated area. Possible sources of irritation:

1. roughly using a napkin

2. kissing

3. biting nails

4. chap stick (which is oil-based)

5. picking

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LOL...mabe shaving is one of the facts.Wow..eating pizza, hamburgers ..etc...will leave you mouth area oily...as a result...my advise is JUST CONSUME diluted food....porridge...




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I had the same problem - for me it was an improper diet. Please read the topics "Story of my success after 15 years of acne," and "if the lemon drink does not work try this" - in these postings I've basically summarized the About Face book that you can buy online. I found out all the tricks from my naturopath first and then heard about this book and it clarified everything for me. And the best part is that it works.

Give it a chance anyway - especially if you have cystic acne.

If it not cystic acne and just little pimples around your mouth area sort of like cold sores, it is quite likely lip balm or lipstick or greasy napkins, phone reciever etc.

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Very common.  It is an often irritated area.  Possible sources of irritation:

1.  roughly using a napkin

2.  kissing

3.  biting nails

4.  chap stick (which is oil-based)

5.  picking

Hehe, I don't think anyone wants to give up number 2. LOL!

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Guest fatman_uk

Nope, i HATE touchin my face unless im cleanin it or applying sumthin like BP, etc....

Only thing i seem to do sumtimes, is when my face is dry, like it is/was 2day, i stroke the area (my chin 99% of the time) with the BACK of my hand. Not as bad as my palm i guess but still bad enuff. I rekon it jus dries it out/irritates it more tho so i guess i should stop. :oops: hehe


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For the ladies (and interesting men) :) My derm told me that my lipstick may be what was causing me to breakout around my chin. So, everytime I wash my face I use soap just on my lips to make sure my lipstick is completly off. Huge difference

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If you are female, it could be hormonal. Many women get acne on chin and around mouth during certain hormonal phases.


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