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so if hi-grain or hi-carb diet is the REAL CAUSE..

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i ask knowledgable and interested holistic minded people with the likes of sj or denise etc to provide their insights about this

edit- hi carb or hi grain diet is NOT the cause but IT CAN TRIGGR AND WORSEN ACNE. REAL CAUSE IS combination of imbalanced hormones and congested lymph sorry

i found natural cures for diabetes type2 & one of them is a veggy called bitter melon. it comes in tea form and capsules (pls suggest brands here)

"Several compounds have been isolated from bitter melon that are believed to be responsible for its blood-sugar-lowering properties. These include charantin and an insulin-like protein referred to as polypeptide-P, or plant insulin. It is believed that bitter melon acts on both the pancreas and in nonpancreatic cells, such as muscle cells."

testimonials http://www.remedyfind.com/rem.asp?ID=8142

medical studies http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=%...cne&btnG=Search

if we take this even if weare on regular grain diet our insulin levels will be controlld & our hormonal imbalence is prevetned!

other supplements i found for diabetes type 2 are Chromium Picolinate & Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (Pycnogenols)

WARNING: do not expect good results if u

1. have never done a holistic cleanse whch includes lots of liver flushin

2. or if u took antibiotics for a long time coz u may have candida

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grains are good for you.. why would anyone wanna cut them out of their diet.. grains dont cause your insulin to rise like other things do.. you cant honestly tell people to cut them out of their diet because you found a little bit of info.. ppl can find info relating to acne on basically anything

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You must be following the American food chart which have grains on top of the list. It's not a surprise Americans are probably the most unhealthy individuals in the planet due to their poor diet/processed food. Grains can cause insulin spikes for many people. Please get your facts straight before you post another ignorant post.


I believe taking organic apple cider vinegar or lemon water helps lower insulin spikes if taken before meals. Also a plant-based supplement, glucomannan (derived from konjack root), is used as a dietery fiber and stabilizes blood sugar if taken with meals. Some people from another acne forum had some success with using this to treat their acne. I personally took it but didn't see much results.

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