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Acne mainly on chin and upper lip, help?

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The only place I ever really get zits is on my upper lip or chin area. I was wondering if anyone has found any change in their diet that helps this out. Another thing is that I use is one of those things from TV that trim the annoying hair above your lip. I was wondering if this could be making ingrown hairs which would probably cause these annoying zits on my upper lip. I don't think I would ever wax, so this seems like a problem for me.

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Most of my acne problems are concentrated on the chin. If you just drew lines down and out from the corners of my mouth, thats where the skin appears most red and irritated. I also break out beneath my jaw line/upper neck and on the forehead now too.....every single thing I have ever tried, which has been a lot, has failed to clear my chin...except not eating anything but fresh vegetable juice. My skin started getting clear that way. I lost terrible amounts of muscle and was extremely tired from not getting enough calories but my bowels were clean and my face showed signs of clearing.

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carrot juice does wonders for my forehead as it helps cleans the liver. im not sure about neck acne or jawline acne..im still trying to figure that out. anyone?

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