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Buying accutane

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It needs to be taken under close supervision of a specialist so a prescription is a must. While it may be possible to find someone (e.g., an online vendor) who will provide you with 'tane w/o a prescription, it's probably the worst decision one could make as it is very dangerous.

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Its a shame the only treatment I believe would work is out of my reach. I would be willing to buy some over the potential risks, its quite a scary thought!

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i'd do it if I was you... just start yourself on a small dose of maybe 10-20mg... wait 3-4 weeks... assess the results... and keep progressing until you find an optimum dose. I havent even had one fucking blood test by my doctor so far during this drug (3 months so far) talk about supervision. You could say im sort of just... taking them without any profeshional advice. (i'm getting them from a budget doctor lol).

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Buying stuff online is not a good idea at all. A lot of it is substandard, low strength and/or mixed with allsorts. I saw a program on BBC World and the makers of these fakes/generics just didn't care what went in to them, it was all about money. A lot of the bad stuff makes it to the unregulated online drug sellers. Not all of them are bad, one I buy from is edrugnet.com.

I am only telling you about edrugnet.com not because I want you to go buy accutane (I don't) but in case you do, I want to make sure you get the proper stuff and don't get ripped off.

One thing to think about is that your body is your most precious asset so even if your derm will not give you 'tane then tell them you are going to buy it and want the blood tests.

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Thanks for your help guys. I will not make this descision lightly. Is there any difference between generic and brand name accutane? Is it just a marketing name?

How effective is accutane on mild-moderate acne?

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paintme, thanks again for the info.

I didn't see any info on why you can't get a derm, however, I know it can happen.

I know you've heard all this shit before but I would seriously get at least 1 blood test after a week of use.then one after 6 weeks. The difference with myself is that I've done two cycles of tane. Just like this disease everyone reacts differently to different things.

I battled 20 years with bp,antibiotics, vitamins,diet...finally at 35 I said "give me a derm" He said "we don't usually treat mild moderate cases but in your case history...here's your tane prescription. 80mgs a day for my 100kg for five months. Total clearing within a month. Two years of relief. Back to derm. Repeat the tane and get another two years. The problem is now my doctors prescribing mino and is reluctant on the derm refferal. So far mino just doesn't cut it. Just a little tane does a lot for me. I mean 40mgs a day for five days and then a month off is great. I feel at ease knowing I can get tane if needed. Cheers

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