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My regimen log

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I started last night.

splashed warm water on face

washed with cleanser

gently pat dry

waited 5-15 minutes for skin to dry

applied BP to problem areas

I didnt feel any dryness or stinging and no redness.

This morning I did the same thing but put on moisturizer after.

Felt a little tightness on skin but no redness no peeling etc.

i dont think there has been any clearing yet.

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Yes, some redness and dryness is inevitable. Sounds like things are going well. In a few days you can start gradually upping your dosage of bp.

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Some more pimples dried up but some new ones came. Theres been like 5 mornings when I didnt do the regimen because I had no time. But I will wake up earlier now and do it. Today I added a little bit more BP and I have that stinging feeling and some redness.

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My chin hasnt got any pimples since I started the regimen. I just have the red spots now. Middle of my forehead has improved only a few pimples have come up, the rest are red spots. Right cheek is looking good only 2-3 pimples and red spots. Left cheek is the worst area lots of red spots and small pimples. Its hard to tell if its a pimple or red spot because there so small. But it has improved a bit since starting regimen.

I dont have redness anymore and no stinging. I will start using a alpha hydroxy moisturiser in a week or two.

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Sounds like things are going well. It is time now to really start being generous with the amount of bp you are using. Absolutely, positively don't be shy. It should take a couple of minutes to get it absorbed, so if it is quicker than this, you need to be using more. Hopefully this will get you totally clear. If you haven't lately, check out the videos again for a freshen up. http://www.acne.org/video.html

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I cant view the videos It says quicktime is installed but when I click the video a broken picture comes up.

This morning when I put lots of BP on I waited 15 minutes and it still wasnt fully absorbed. Is this ok or should I rub it in a little more? The moisturiser is taking a long time to absorb too.

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I have been using lots of BP and its working. All my pimples got smaller and some are gone. It made my face red but its going away. Today my face got very dry. I still didnt get the daily renewal moisturiser. If I cant find it what percentage alpha hydroxy should I get?

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Lots of pimples are going away now. I only get like 3 small pimples a week and a bigger pimple every 4-6 weeks. I have stopped using BP during the day. I always get white stuff all over my face plus the moisturiser makes my skin look oily.

The only problems I am having is dry skin. Its only dry on my left temple, upper left forehead and half of my left cheek. I dont even put bp on upper forehead or temple so it must be the cold weather causing it.

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Hi so fresh~

Your progress is looking good. Keep on your good work. I am monitoring your progress from time to time.

Sometimes I also felt oily after I applied the mositurizer. I have tried several Neutrogena® moisturizer such as SPF15 moisture, combination skin moisture and also Clean&Clear dual action moisturizer. These mositurizers do sometimes make my skin looked and felt oily. So, i just switched to Mederma® skin care for scars as this topical gel is formulated for scars healing. I used it to treat my previous acne post inflammantory hyper pigmentation and as this gel is based on the Cepalin® formula ( the NMF -Natural Moisturing Factor ) and contains large amount of allantoin, I just used it as my daily moisturizer. It's greaseless and NO colour..transparent but the only bad thing is the scent, it does contains some onion smell as it's active ingredient is formulated from onion extract- the allium cepa extract.

hopefully can help,


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