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hello everyone my names micheal and this is my story, it all started when i joined secondary school around 12 years old, i got my first few and b4 i knew i was being spotty pizza face u name it i was called it, its different from any other bullying cos i cudnt get away from in in the classroom in the playground in the corriodor on my way to school on my way home playing outside , everyone wud always look at me and come up with some comment, i tred every creme possible the doctor prescibed me everything, i surpose i can say proudly it took the bastards 4 years to break me but boy did they break me, if i had enough courage i wud have ended it i dont think ive evry cried so much everynite i wanted something to happen to me i prayed to god to make them stop thats when i found that there werent a god i only have me in this world. i was then put on to roaccutane not the smartest move if ppl really knew how close i was to the edge, if u dont know roaccutane makes u depressed maked ur face very red and increases ur spots for the first few months. i dont know why but ive always had a desire to prove to everyone and myself, and i knew that i wud come out stronger so that i cud prove everyone that theres nothing rong with me i want to look at them and laugh for there sad lives, nothing will ever take away those 4 years of pure pain but i will somehow make up them 4 years and i will make sure that everyone who eevry sed a remark to me gets what they deserve trust me they will

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Hello. I just read your post about your traumatic experience and I am sorry to hear that you had such a rough time. Please know that there are millions of people going through your pain as well and you are not alone. Also, as a concerned party I strongly urge you not to do anything desperate. Your post sounded very angry, although I am sure you have a right to be angry.

Please continue to post here to let out your frustrations and to obtain help. All you have to do is to type. I hope that you will become happier through this action. We are here for each other.

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