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How fucked up will using Retin A make my skin look? I have found I can get it online without prescription but before I do I want to know the side effects of using it? I heard it burns off a layer skin which sounds good but not if my face is gonna look like something out of star trek for a few weeks :D

Your experiences?

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Do yourself a favor, see a doctor before attempting to use it. You really and truly need to see a doctor before treating yourself. Retin-A is great, but only when the right strength and advice of a doctor is taken.

Good luck, but don't do it on your own, it's strong medicine.

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I used Retin-A-Micro (R-A-M) for about 3 or so months. The first month wasn't bad but i didn't see any results yet. Then from month 2 to month 3, my skin was SUPER SENTISTIVE and my face was burnt, red and as i call it red as blood, and it was dry. I don't recomend this at all. After seeing this my mother and I decided it was time to stop because it wasn't do crap for me and because of the nasty side effects I had received. This was in the concentration of 0.04%, the lowest dosage.


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Retin-A micro works, but it doesnt work extraordinarily. I used the highest percentage 0.1%(???) but still got occasional cysts and whiteheads. However, that combined with 50 mg of zinc a day (takes about 3 months to kick in), i am about 95% clear.

You have to be patient... i started using it over the summer so the adverse effects would not be seen by everyone. The skin will peel off, and just let it peel, and then use moisturizer to conceal any rough patches, otherwise it looks really bad.

Also make sure you stay out of the sun... I spent a little bit too much time out there and now my face is tinted but the skin under my eyes, which i did not apply too, is not.

...overall, I would say that continual BP use, as advised on the website, is probably more effective. But i dont have 40 minutes to waste in the morning and night; retinA you only have to apply at night.

and if you have very sensitive skin... dont use it PERIOD.

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