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alcohol causing breakouts?!

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has anybody else found this?!

alcohol causes me to break out very quickly - usually the next day or the day after that. i know that alcohol is a diuretic (it dehydrates you) - so i reckon that this is probably the reason it causes me to break out.

but why are wine and beer worse than spirits?

and will drinking water with beer/wine help to reverse the diuretic effect of alcohol - and thus stop breakouts? - either way it should certainly stop hangovers!


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I love to drink alchohols especially on occassion and BEER IS MY MAJOR ENEMY! I easily get red and breakout just right after I slowly drink one bottle of it.

That's why my only choice is to drink gin (my favorite) and brandy on every party/get together i attend to...

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lol, gin = comedy.

also i reckon that when i drink it makes my skin more pale so any spots i do have stand out even more!!

i reckon im just gonna try and quit as much as i can. the way i see it i'll save soooo much money as well, i'm at uni, and myself and a friend worked out at the end of term that we spent £2000 on alcohol that year!!!!!


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Guest charyan

beer breaks me out, however last night i went to the pub, got totally wasted; but i didnt drink any beer, just strongbow and sambucca, i even went to bed at 4, and when i get no sleep i break out aswell, but i woke up this morning and my skin was axually pretty good, better than it was was the night before.

I remember reading somewhere on the forums that candida thrives on yeast, which is in beer, i spose theres not as much or any yeast in other drinks so maybe thats why you break out, though i know fuck all about science, try reading some of the candida topics, might find some useful info there tongue.gif

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Same here...

I was thinking about it the other day and I know that alcohol puts a burden on the liver and the liver is a big part of blood purifiying. I think that when you put the burden on the liver and it can't do its job as well, you get pimples and faster than usual.

I know that when I started drinking, like 13, it probably hurt my liver much worse than if I had started drinking later in life, but thats in the past. I'm trying to build up my liver back to normal and hopefully that will stop this break out session after a night of drinking or I'll just have to stop drinking. We'll see..

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Alcohol *definitely* breaks me out, and I know it's the same with most of my friends, and we're in our 30's. I recently stopped drinking alcohol altogether and have seen great results. It's not just the dehydration, but also the fermented sugars - your liver hates trying to digest alcohol, and after a while it gets very sluggish. I'm going to have the odd drink a couple of times a month but generally not at all. I'm not missing it at all.... but then, I lived my 20's to the max already, and paid the price through my skin...


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Not me.

Drinking never really bothers me... in fact I drank a moderate amount last night and woke up with an improved face (well I'm on a Duac regimen too, but nothing WORSE)

Same with occasional pot. Doesn't really do anything to upset my skin.

I drink tons of water all the time though, maybe that helps.

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