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help what's wrong with me

hey everyone first post here, didnt know such a forum existed until i came across it while searching for acne help sites. alright heres my story, like everyone else i am faced with acne problems but usually its the minor ones, those small red dots but recently about a month ago 2 large pimples grew in the area beneath my eyes..it took me abt a week before those big pimples were gone. now those things are back to haunt me again and its been somedays and the size has not been reduced, i went to check and found that the large pimple may be nodule but i m not so sure. so i would like to ask all the experts here what is the best way to cure a nodule and does it really take at least a month to heal because a month is too much for me sad.gif Oh one more thing, are all large pimples nodules? pls help a sad member out here..

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Well, the cure for nodules and cysts is Accutane, but of course if you have just those 2 Acuutane isn't right...

You can spot treat them....there are several ways to spot treat, here they are:

-Tea Tree Oil (but you said the nodules are under your eyes, so I don't recommend it, as it would be too strong and make your eyes water)


-ice (ice them 3 or 4 times a day, this will help you with the redness and the size and will take down the inflametion)

-aspirin mask (just on them. crash 4 uncoated aspirins and make a paste with water and ACV)

These are the most common spot treatment....in your case I would try the ice one, followed by the aspirin mask(remeber you can leave the aspirin mask on overnight)

All the best,


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