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Protein supplements

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I just started breaking out about a week and a half ago and I wanted to know if I am taking whey protein will that make it worse?

I plan on taking about 40 to 70 mgs of whey protein per day. Trying to build up my legs.

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40 to 70 mgs of whey protein per day

40-70mgs? are you sure you dont mean grams.. 40-70mgs of protein is basically nothing... and it never affected me and i took 40-60g a day.

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Let's say you weigh 100 pounds, You should be talking 125-150 grams of protein. Doesn't mean you take it all of whey protein, you just supplement, hence the name "supplement". Let's say you want to get 150 grams intake of protein, and you get about 50 grams of protein from foods, then only supplement and take 100 grams, catch my drift, it's only a supplement and not the full source of protein.

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ya you should try only taking 2-3 scoops of the whey protein per day if you would like to save money and get a lot of protein from eating food.. protein supplements arent that cheap so try and get as much protein from food as you can.. things like chicken/turkey breast and fish are good sources of protein.

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just take a gram of whey protein per pound of your bodyweight and you should be good to go.

no offense but you have to be kidding? do you honestly think normal people can afford taking that much whey protein? most servings of whey protein are about 20-25g .. and its about $30-40 for a 5lb tub which provides about 80 servings.. you would go through that in less than 2 weeks if you weighed 150lbs.. any protein is good.. whey is definenently the best to take during/after workouts since it absorbs the best.. but any protein like egg protein works just as good throughout the day

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