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"New" Non-toxic Sweetener

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Ok, so today I sampled some Peppermint Leaf Extract (has anti-toxic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties) and noticed that it was sweet. So I read the label and it had vegetable glycerin instead of traditional alcohol. Then I thought about other times I've used a product that was in a vegetable glycerin base and once again they were also sweet. Hmm, so I made some oatmeal w/raisens and afterwards I added 1ml of peppermint leaf extract (very very faint peppermint flavor) to sweeten it and...it worked!

Ha ha, and apparently I'm not the only one that has done this as it's supposed to be the only accepted sweetener for people with Candidiasis as it contains NO sugar!

Vegetable glycerin is derived from palm (coconut) oil. It is colorless, odorless, calorie-free, does not make blood sugar rise, and is about half again sweeter than sugar.

It is a liquid used in many cosmetic preparations and in commercial food preparation, but is not yet widely sold as a sweetener. Your natural food store may carry it, or you can order it online.


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wub.gif i love this stuff, as does my diabetes, often with my diabetes i can get sugar cravings (i normally dont have a sweet tooth at all) and i used to eat all sorts of shit and upset my sugar levels further and end up really ill (this is what happens when you really want sweets age seven neutral.gif ).

Anywho i discovered this stuff and use it all the time. The thing i notice though is that i do get dehydrated from it and it is a diuretic, but i dont know if this is just heightened because of my diabetes, I dont actually use that much for it to have an effect.

I made flap jacks with it once and they were erm....... interesting.

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Hi all,

The reason I didn't mention Stevia, and Lo Han (another sweet herb) is because they have aftertastes. I'm not fond of aftertastes because when I tried stevia it reminded me of...aspartame. It may contain at least one amino acid that aspartame does, I don't know, but that's why I didn't mention it. Of course those are good choices for people who don't mind.

There's also a possibility, FOR candida sufferer's Xyltiol. There's a board called www.healthyawareness.com where a member used Xylitol to kill off her candida because it's a 5 carbon sugar and so most microorganisms can't digest it (want regular 6 carbon sugars). Of course with xylitol you have to build up tolerance to it otherwise you will get that "bathroom effect". This happens from initial use regardless of the amount (gum and toothpaste will do it but I got over it in 2 weeks). Over time we should be able to consume 20g or more a day, but I think this woman used more....


From: Julie

Date: 7/10/2004

Time: 4:56:50 PM

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Hi Everybody: I just wanted to mention that if you are interested in xylitol, you can do a google search on the top of the page at Curezone. It has been used for a SARS formula, and Dr. Andreas Moritz recommends it for flushing out bacteria as you kill it, for lyme, UTIs etc. (please read for specifics - I don't want to quote wrong). I have been using xylitol as an antifungal and it has killed my yeast, and now I am still using it for maintenance, plus I don't ever want to go back to regular sugar. I put it in my bentonite. Once xylitol helped me prevent a yeast infection and remove a bad reaction I had to miconazole (over the counter vaginal yeast suppositories); I ate quite a lot of it that night - I was burning so badly! I haven't tried fluconazole because of that reaction to an -azole; it's contraindicated. Xylitol is different from other sugar alcohols; the only similarity is in the way it is made. It's the only one that is antifungal. Personally, I have had negative results with sorbitol, maltitol and maltodextrin as far as yeast goes. Also, stevia is organic, so it is recommended to be refrigerated, and is considered to be antibacterial. Thanks, Julie

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Sweetjade, Are you no longer using the xylitol? I just bought some recently, however, there aren't many things that I sweeten - just tea, so I don't consume very much of it. I'll have to look into it as an anti-candida agent, which I suspect I *may* have. I've been eating lots of coconut oil and kim chee (sauerkraut), drinking kombucha.

Also, do you know anything about goat dairy? I don't want to use unfermented soy products anymore, so I've been using goat milk and eating goat yogurt. The goat yogurt is really good, btw. I buy the plain stuff, so it doesn't have any added sugars and I sweeten it with applesauce and eat it with ground flax seeds. It's becoming my nightly treat. I've occasionally been eating goat cheese too. I'm just curious if you've looked into goat dairy.

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