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My first acne regimen log

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ok, I've finally decided to start a regimen log and i'm gonna cross my fingers and hope for the best!

I've had acne ever since I'm in my teens. It had ranged from mild to occasional frustrating breakouts now and then. I'm from Singapore and these past 4 years, I have been studying in Canada and sometimes i think it's either the climate or the food that had made my acne worse.

I'm getting so sick of this. I'm am tired of waking up every morning and looking in the mirror and seeing new acnes forming and old ones still there. I am also very conscious of people looking at my face. I have always marveled at people who have like perfect skin.

Anyway, I came across acne.org and realised that I am not the only one who's suffering from acne and that you guys understand what i'm going through too. So, I have decided to give this BP a try. I had used Oxy BP in 10% many years ago. It worked very well for me. And then I stopped becos I didnt need it anymore, which was a mistake. I wanted to try BP again, strictly on Dan's regime but it made my skin soooo red and itchy which horrified me even more. Then I realise of course that I had been too adventurous from the start, applying too much BP.

I'm going to get the Neotrogena 2.5% BP instead of using this Oxy 5% BP.

I have been using:

Ceptaphil gentle cleanser as well as Ceptaphil cleanser for oily skin. (I alternate them occasionally.)

Neutrogena's clear pore BHA (sacyclic acid) 2% at night.

Neutrogena's moisturizer only in the morning before I put my makeup on.

So from today onwards, I'm going to incorporate BP into my regime and hope that I'll have clearer skin.

I'll keep you guys posted!

oh oh, and I'm thinking of trying the honey thing too. :>

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I tried on Neutrogena's 2.5% BP on only my left temple first, just to try it out. And, indeed, I got a red patch on my left temple and it's slightly itchy too. I have been trying to resist scratching..

I'm sticking on the applying BP on the same area and see how it goes. There's a few whiteheads that were already there. I'm gonna see if they subside soon with BP. As for the rest of my face, i'm using BHA which I usually do.

stay tuned..

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I tried using nonpasturised clover honey on some of the brown marks I have and on a couple of white heads. I left them on for an hour, wash it with cool water after. I hasnt seen any improvement on my face. The white heads are still abit red. The brown marks are still the same. Am I doing this wrong?

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I'm going to 4 days now with BP only on my left temple where I have a few whiteheads and blackheads. Just two days into BP, a small area on my left temple feels "patchy" and rough.

Yesterday, I tried to put on moisturiser first and then BP instead which works well for me. It wasnt as irritating for me, and some whiteheads were even drying up.

I'll continue this and I'll be updating my progress!

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