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I noticed lots of talk on B5.

I want to start but here's some questions:

1) Can it be bought at a drug store with all other vitamins?

2) How much should one take? I saw 10 or 12 grams/day?

3) Any recommendations? I saw one bottle selling for $40 but given the amount it would take it would only last 20 days...

What ml or g amount/day?????????????????


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I can answer all those questions for you :D

1: I wouldn't suggest buying it at a drug store...judging by the amount you need it would be much better to buy lots of powder. Go to www.vitaglo.com, they have 8 OZ of it (Look for Pantothenic Acid), for only around 12 bucks. That's about 25 days worth of it.

2: Depending on what your acne is like, I'm only doing 6-8 grams a day since my acne isn't too bad. The normal, it seems, is bout 10 grams per day, but you can go as high as 20 if you want if your acne is really bad.

3: As I said, vitaglo.com, 12 bucks per 8 oz bottle (that's 220ish grams). Remember, it's called Pantothenic Acid.

A couple more notes: remember to take a nice multivitamin with other B vitamins, because megadosing on B5 can cause a vitamin defiancy for other B vitamins. Eat well while on B5, and if you don't want diahrrea for the first week or so, work your way up slowly from 1 gram to 10 grams (or however you plan on doing a day).

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