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:D/ What I've discovered. . .

I've been on a mission to get rid of acne, prevent further scarring, and get rid of current acne scars. I have spent a lot of time researching ideas and trying various things. I am still looking for better and improved methods.

The follow is what I've discovered so far:

:) 'Age-Less Skin Formula' by Bluebonnet made my skin look wonderful, radiant, and gave an overall glow. Take one capsule daily. It did absolutely nothing for acne but I liked what it did for my skin so I highly recommend this product. The health food store lady told me that one of the ingredients in this product is Vit. C Ester and for some reason the body can absorb this better than Vit. C (It took a few weeks of taking this daily before I started to see the great results.)

:D Copper Peptides from www.homepeels.com are amazing. This product does exactly what it claims.

:D Satin Pillowcases - This keeps overnight moisturizers/masks on your face b/c satan cannot absorb them. Cotton pillowcases absorb your skin's oils which cause you to produce more oil. It also absorbs your skin's natural moisture and that causes scars to worsen and promotes wrinkles - things we all want to avoid!! You MUST use a fresh clean pillowcase each night.

:idea: Natural Products - They work MUCH better than store bought products..…the results and differences are incredible. One reason is b/c the active ingredients that make the products work are reduced to give the products longer shelf lives. With that in mind, I have had great results with the following natural products:

Potato - Use raw. Cut then rub on face for at least 20 minutes (I do much longer when I can), hold against major acne breakout area if needed (while watching TV or reading a book). If you do this for several days, you'll be amazed at how effective this is at getting rid of acne. I told a teenage boy about this and he tried it. He thought I was a genies b/c it worked so well. This is great to use during a major breakout.

Salt - Put warm water on face. Dab salt directly on acne and with a very light touch move the salt around so it can dissolve. Leave on for several minutes then rinse. This is great for reducing swelling and getting acne to go down. I use this is combination with the potato and honey.

;) Honey - Warm honey in microwave (Caution - honey has an amazing ability to hold heat and gets very hot quickly!! Leave in for a few seconds.) OR put honey on face and warm with a blow dryer (I found this to be annoying.) Put honey all over your face & leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. The honey deep cleans your pores and leaves the skin amazingly soft. It also kills the bacteria that cause acne. If you don't try the potato and salt, try this one.

:arrow: Powdered Milk (dry milk) - Rinse face with warm water then apply this over entire face and neck lightly rubbing until dissolved. This is a natural way to exfoliate, balance skin's PH, and clean the skin. It is a natural lactic acid peel. I recommend doing this twice daily. The results are amazing!! It helps reduce scars and leaves your face with an amazing glow. (When I first tried this, I could only leave it on my face for like a minute. Now, I leave it on for at least 5 minutes before rinsing. I recommend that you build up to the 5 minutes slowly. You will have better results once you can leave it on longer but don't be in a rush to get there). If done daily, you will not have to exfoliate your face/neck.

Raw Sugar - Take one raw sugar packet and combine with a few drops of X-tra virgin olive oil. Do this 1-2 times per week. Put paste on face/neck and leave on for a few minutes. Rinse. This works as a natural glycolic acid.

:idea: Vaseline - Glob on eyebrows before applying stuff to your face. This helps prevent things from running into your eyes.

Overripe tomato - After peeling, use a cotton ball to apply squishy innards to face. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. This is especially beneficial for oily skin. It exfoliates, contains oil-absorbing acids, balances skin's PH, & tightens pores.

Ascorbic Acid Powder (Vitamin C powder) - Make sure you get 100% natural rather than synthetic Vit. C (Vitamin makers expect people to use this internally & the body uses synthetic Vit. C in exactly the same way as the natural stuff. It's more difficult to find the natural Vit. C powder). The label of the one I found has this website listed on it: www.nowfoods.com Combine this with solid vegetable shortening (small amount….approx. ½ tsp.) It will form a 'sandy' feeling paste. Apply to scars. Using a toothbrush, rub like crazy over the scars. (I have found this to be quite painful. I use a microdermabrasion cloth which can be purchased at some drugstores or on Ebay and get the same results with no pain). Rinse. Take the contents of both a Vitamin E capsule and a Vitamin A capsule and apply over affected areas. (Your skin will be quite red until you apply these). Make sure you can leave the oils on the areas for an extended period of time (Over 6 hours….use some sort of bandage if using overnight to keep oils from coming off on a pillow). (It is VERY, VERY important that the Vitamin E oil be 100% natural and not synthetic). This helps reduce scarring.

:D/ Vitamin A & E Oils - I have had fantastic results with this stuff. I buy it in capsule form and use a safety pin to poke a hole in it to release the oil. Most Vit. E is synthetic and you need to make sure you get 100% natural. The synthetic will make things worse, will clog pores, make acne worse, etc. The natural will help prevent scarring etc. and has done wonders for my skin. The natural does not clog my pores. I use it constantly on my face and have for several months. Also, I always combine one Vit. E capsule with one or two Vit. A capsules (they're smaller) for better results. The Vit. A greatly helps reduce acne. Also, if I am able to leave the oils on my face for approx. 45 mins. - one hour (gives the skin time to absorb it) before putting on make-up I get great results. It helps prevent the make-up from causing acne b/c the skin so it won't absorb the make-up. The make-up 'floats' on top of the skin which helps hide blemishes, flaws, and scars. The oil shines thru the make-up to give a glowing look. (Note: Carry powder or other make-up for touch-ups when using this method b/c the make-up won't be as long lasting but the look is wonderful!!)

If you can go longer before putting make-up on, do that. Try using half of the capsules for less oil if the full ones are too much.

:^o Oil-Free Products - This is often a LIE!! I found out that "oil-free" means it doesn't contain natural oils. Instead, the products contain synthetic oils which is MUCH worse!! Synthetic oils should not go on the skin. Most facial products, moisturizers, and cosmetics often use "oil-free" on their packaging and it's simply not true.

Benzyl Peroxide - Works great to help reduce acne.

Aloe - I have an Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plant (leaves aren't smooth b/c they have spike things on them). This plant is more rare than the other aloe plants but it's the most potent one. If you are going to use natural aloe, this is the only one to get. I use fresh aloe on my face daily. I live in Florida and have the luxury of growing this plant outside year round. I have ONE plant and it grows like a weed…faster than anything else I've ever seen grow) and it's enough for me to use one leaf (or whatever they're called) daily. I use a clean knife to cut the leaf off each day. When I cut the leaf off, the plant instantly creates this yellow stuff near the cut (to protect itself). Do not put the yellow stuff on your skin. It's clearly yellow and you won't be able to miss it….just wipe it off with your finger and discard. Aloe helps give my skin a great glow & promotes healing. It helps reduce acne somewhat. It won't reduce acne by itself.

Retin-A Micro - Prescription only. It helps reduce scarring by slowly peeling the layers of the skin.

:D/ Water - I cannot emphasize how important this tip is. You should drink AT LEAST 8 8oz. glasses of water per day. The results you will see are NICE!! You'll see your skin improve all over. At first, it will seem like you're gaining weight (with all that water) then once your body realizes it will keep getting water, it will stop retaining it. It doesn't take long to get to that point. Once you are there, you will have to drink water b/c your body will crave it so it will no longer be torture. Your cells need water to function to reduce acne and scarring your body must have this. The liver, which reduces toxins, needs this to function and it cannot function properly unless it's hydrated (if your body can release toxins then acne can be reduced). Add ½ tsp. of fresh lemon juice to water to help remove toxins from the body & give the water taste. The number one motivation to drink all this water is that if you do, you will automatically experience weightloss. If the water is ice cold, your body must heat itself up to warm the water & that burns 40 calories per glass of water (water is zero calories). :arrow: By drinking 8 ice cold glasses per day, you will burn as many calories as someone that has spent approximately 40 minutes on a stair step machine at the gym. =P~

Olay moisturizers - I have used the total effects products and really like them. I use the daily regenerating serum of my scars and it greatly improves the look of them (they advertise this as a 'facelift'). It isn't a facelift b/c the results are only cosmetic (temporary). It looks great while it's working though.

Egg White - A cheaper temporary facelift (that can also be used under make-up) & it's also oil-absorbing. Only use a dab or two on the problem areas. Don't move your facial muscles while the egg white is drying (a few seconds) or the results will be ruined.

Green make-up - This completely hides redness on the skin. Cover the green with foundation and/or concealer.

Antibacterial Dishwash Detergent - Use to eliminate acne on the back (don't use on face or neck). Apply w/ back brush ( =; don't use hands or fingers). Use this undiluted.

Milk of Magnesia - Use flavorless and sugarless one. This provides staying power for oily skin & matteness under make-up. Prep skin w/ this after cleaned, toned (witch hazel makes great toner), & moisturized. If you would rather rinse the milk of mag. off before applying make-up, then leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water containing natural lemon.

:) Wheat Germ - Eat at least 3 tablespoons of this per day. I recommend eating this in a dish b/c it doesn't taste that great. I sprinkle it on kashi cereal which contains honey. Now, I don't even notice that I'm eating wheat germ in my cereal. Eating 3 tablespoons of this daily, has made a major difference with everything including reducing acne.

Multi-Vitamin - I take one per day along w/ a fish oil capsule. I highly recommend taking vitamins to help reduce acne and promote healing.

Turmeric - I have not tried this yet but I heard it really works. Combine half tsp. W/ distilled water to form paste. Apply to acne blemishes and leave on overnight. The acne will be greatly reduced or gone.

Derma E Scar Gel - It didn't remove current scars. It did help prevent new ones from forming.

Protein - Must have enough in diet for skin repair.

I recently read in the newspaper that massaging scars is the way to repair them and really works <shrug>.

=; Eating salt - Limit salt intake b/c it causes dehydration which causes puffiness all over and in the face. Diet soda should be avoided for this same reason (If trying to lose weight, it is better to drink regular soda b/c salt greatly reduces the body's ability to lose weight).

O:) I recently discovered that by combining natural lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and distilled water greatly reduces scarring. I cannot wait to try this.

](*,) The following things did NOT work for me: eye redness remover (didn't take the red out of acne or anything else), tea tree oil (I discovered that I am HIGHLY allergic to this….it caused a severe skin rash :evil: ), & hemorrhoid gel (this was supposed to reduce the swelling of pimples and didn't….I later discovered that it was supposed to be hemorrhoid crème….not gel….and it had to contain shark something….so maybe if I had the right one it may have worked).

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Awesome post m/

now for Diet soda........you say dont drink diet but drink the regular kind?

Yes....that is exactly right. Your body will handle the sugar in regular better than the garbage that is in diet soda. Diet soda dehydrates you and that is bad for acne, weightloss, etc.

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Thank you so much for this post! This is awesome! I can't wait to try the potato thing. I'm already using honey and it really does work- so i'm excited to try other natural things. Thanks, i think we all really appreciate this post =D>

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Thank you so much for this post! This is awesome! I can't wait to try the potato thing. I'm already using honey and it really does work- so i'm excited to try other natural things. Thanks, i think we all really appreciate this post =D>

You're welcome! Don't forget to use the overripe tomato too. I forgot to mention the packet of fast acting yeast. Make sure it's a new packet and hasn't expired. It must be fast acting too!! If you add that to the honey, potato, benzoyl peroxide or whatever bacteria killer you use, it will help the stuff get to the pimple better. It will increase the effectiveness. Good luck! :D

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yes this is definitely helpful!

thanks for sharing.

i myself hv been using cinnamon powder (made paste with water) since 2 nights ago.

and orange peel ground to paste.

ur rite. i think natural products r good to reduce scars..


let us know the results!

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Wow, I cannot contain my excitement at all of these suggestions! I'm about to have a bath and think I will try the salt water on face, and apple cider vinegar with distilled water and lemon juice for scarring. I will keep doing so and let you know the results. Experimentation, though scary, is often essential.

I have to say the following part of the post really made me chuckle: 'Satin Pillowcases - This keeps overnight moisturizers/masks on your face b/c SATAN cannot absorb them'. Now I know that Satan visits me when I sleep, I will most definitely be using satin pillowcases; I do not want him absorbing anything from my face as I sleep, thank you very much. :dance:

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