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Differentiating Between Active Acne and Red Marks

I must admit I'm a little confused as to determining whether acne is "active" or not.

Basically, there are alot of red patches on my cheeks.. fairly small, spot sized... which if I run my finger over, don't feel raised... although it some areas I can still feel a few bumps under the surface (with redness near).

I have a few spots which I know are active (i.e. raised areas, couple of whiteheads). But I think I'm right in assuming the redness is what we refer to as "red marks"?

I know its kinda hard to tell as I'm not giving any pictures.

This actually my second acne experience after achieving almost perfect clear skin sad.gif I let things break out even worse again. But I remember visitng my GP with what I thought was bad acne and he was like "don't worry, there's very little active acne"... and then I cleared up in a coupla months IIRC. I hope I'm at this stage again. But I'm not sure. I may have to visit the GP again, but any advice is appreciated.

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red marks arent active acne. theyre hyperpigmented marks left from past acne. after u pop a zit or if they just go away on their own, it will leave a mark. those marks are redmarks. u cant feel them, as they are flat. theyre not exactly red, more or a dark brown mark.

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