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I am cured! It was the diet afterall!

I am 35 years and have been haunted by acne until very recently.

My acne has been eliminated through dietery changes.

It turns out that the source of my acne was refined carbs and fast foods.

Once those were eliminated........my acne disappeared. The results were immediate. I can not tell you how liberated I feel. I encourage every sufferer to give it a shot. I hope it works for you as well as it did for me.

This is not just my observation. Please refer to www.archdermatol.com

the december 2002 issue. There is a fascinating piece entitled " acne vulgaris a disease of western civilization. Basically, it is stating that the primary cause of acne is the western diet. Check it out for free here:http://www.thepaleodiet.com/articles/Acne%20vulgaris.pdf

Read it, try it and judge for yourself. Good luck and let us all know how you make out.

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I've thought about Western diet for a long time, but never say it because I don't want to offend anybody O:) I used to have flawless skin until I left Indonesia and went to Oregon, USA for an exchange student program for a year. That 16 yrs ago, oh my God...you cannot believe how awful my skin was during that time. When I went back, the acne was healed in a month, but it took me a year to return back my skin to its (almost) original condition because of the scars. O:)

After that, I never had major break outs except 1 or 2 hormonal pimples when I get my period. Generally I had quite clear skin, until winter 2001, 1 year after I went back to the US. My skin suddenly exploded :D (cannot find better word to describe it) I thought, oh...this might be because of the Burger King I eat everyday at school (I was a fulltime student . I had to put egg yolk mask everyday for a month. Thank God it worked. :)

Right now I am doing blood type diet. Not only I avoid junk food, I also avoid food that I am not supposed to eat according to my blood type. I found out that the major meat I should avoid is shrimp (I can't believe it, I LOOOOVE shrimp!), chicken and beef. Turkey, lamb and most seafood are ok. It has been a very good diet. Not only you feel healthier but your skin is much clearer, unless you cheat! :)

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check this out: www.dadamo.com

All information and food list is in there. You don't even have to buy the book :D

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OK, but remember, I am an AB type. My diet doesn't necessary work for everybody :D

Meat: Lamb, turkey, but no beef nor chicken (all blood type should not eat pork but turkey is safe for all type)

Seafood: generally safe (fish, scallop, mussles are ok), except shrimp, lobster (darn!) or crab. Fish I think is safe for all type

Dairy: goat milk, 2% reduced fat milk, but not whole cow milk

(all non dairy milk eg. soy milk, rice milk, almond milk is ok) Cottage cheese is ok, but not American or parmesan cheese.

Vegetable: generally safe, I don't remember all but I avoid corn, that's for sure

Fruit: generally safe, don't remember all either, but I avoid orange. (can you believe it? Orange or orange juice will break me outs, BIG TIME!)

They are all in the list (website). I just try to remember the kind of food I use to eat but I should avoid, instead of try to memorize the whole thing. O:) For example, I am Asian, I don't eat cheese that much, so I just check some 'common' cheese (common for me) and I don't really pay attention to blue cheese, kefir, etc, because I don't eat them anyway. O:)

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