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for people who's on their 2nd or 3rd course

im thinking about taking accutane..but i heard theres quite a few people who goes on 2nd or maybe even 3rd course....i just want to know why wasn't one course good enought?..im jus curious..thanx in advance

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the long term reaction to a treatment of accutane varies quite a bit. There are some that believe the first (or subsequent treatments) simply didn't shut down oil production quite enough. The issue at hand is that the exact reason behind accutane's success is hard to pinpoint. The decline in oil production has a lot to do with the effectiveness, but it doesn't account for accutane's long term effectiveness (b/c oil production will tend to return at a normal rate). There is also a theory that Accutane simply resets the oil glands and shocks them into producing the "normal" amount of oil (usually people that believe this will also believe accutane has little effctiveness against people with "dry acne").

The point: it is hard, if not impossible, to tell whether or not a person will need more than one treatment of accutane. Variables include dosage/length of treatment/prior history etc. It is truly a balancing act where one needs to consider long term success and factor in side effects and lifestyle...Overseas it is common for a person to remain on a VERY low dose of accutane (perhaps 10mg every other day or once a week) to remain clear for quite sometime. From my research this isn't dangerous and I would prescribe it if the patient so desired (and I was allowed by law). Silly FDA...best of luck...

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