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Waxing on Retin-a Micro

I didn't know you couldn't get your eyebrows waxed when on retin-a micro.

Went down and had them waxed. I searched through the threads but

couldn't really find an answer for my dilemma. What happens, at

the worst, when you wax when on retin-a? I noticed a crater scar where

hair used to be, my skin never bled nor did it turn red, is it possible

the scar is from the waxing or did I never notice the scar because

it was covered by my eyebrow? This is such a trivial issue, but

sometimes this acne/scar shyte messes with your head.

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The scar is still pink in the center, also when I went, there were two scars, one filled in tho.

So this is has got me a little worried, does a wound have to bleed to scar?

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I've been retin-A micro for the past two years and only recently got off of it (like a week ago) to go on Accutane.

I had my eyebrows waxed regularly during my time on RAM and never had a problem w/scarring, even if it did take off a little bit of skin. Just use your medication as usual, and in a few days you won't be able to see where the injury was.

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