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Hello all..... i'm a newbie here...

i am also in desperate need of some advice....

i am 22 years old and have always had problems with my skin. it was especially bad in my teen years, but then my doctor put my on birth control pills and minocycline and that made things tolerable with a good skin routine. i eventually outgrew the need for medicine, and as i got older, the major breakouts were not as bad, and i have gotten better about taking care of my face.

anyways, with the advent of AHA, i have also seen a great improvement in my face. i use a face wash with AHA as well as an AHA cream every night. my main problem is not so much the big red break outs (although I get those along my jawline, chin and hairline when i am stressed out), but rather just a bunch of tiny clogged pores. i have some blackheads on my chin and nose, but then if you were to run your hand along my cheeks you would feel a bunch of little bumps that are not so noticable, but irritating. i also have a few small scars here and there from past breakouts and when i do get big breakouts (every now and then) they leave big pink marks.

facials have been little help, and i feel like all the work i have done and products i have tried have sort of plataeued at this point. i am getting married in five weeks and i am ready to take drastic action. i want to look my best and have a great fresh face to show at my wedding! eusa_dance.gif

i want to get a TCA peel. i actually bought a kit online last night for 25% with another bottle included of 10% for around the eye area. i was hoping some people who have been through it could give me some guidance as far as results i can expect and if i will be normal looking in time for my wedding. Also, will i be able to go to work after the peel? i can't afford to take any more time off of work as i have to take a week off for my wedding and honeymoon. i don't work with the public, actually in an office and i deal with customers on the phone, but i don't want to look freakish just the same.

ANY and ALL help is greatly appreciated, as i have been scouring the internet doing research and all i can really find is generalizations or conflicting information. i know it's different for everybody, but i would truly appreciate and love to hear some thoughts from people who have "been there, done that", so to speak.

thank you so much for your help!

kind regards,


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If I were you I really wouldn't risk anything like a 25% peel 5 weeks before your wedding and if you do you might want to get it done professionally. You never know if it could make you hyperpigment in certain spots or maybe break out in a rash. So why risk it? I take it you are having your makeup done professionally on the wedding day? If not do that and you will probably look fine.

A 25% TCA peel might make a small improvment but probably not enough that makeup wouldn't be able to correct. The only person that really gets close enough to notice during the wedding is your fiance anyways.

That's my advice.

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