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Have any of you tried or hard of duac gel before?

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I have been using Benzamycin for at least the past 2 years. It is (3% erythromycin and 5% bp) However, it has to be refrigerated and with Summer here, I want something I don't have to refrigerate. I asked for Benzaclin (1%clindamycin and 5% bp) but my dermatologist prescribed duac instead and prefers that over benzaclin. Duac has the same two main ingredients as benzaclin, doesn't have to be refrigerated as well, and is a new drug (at least in the Us) Have any of you used it before or know anything about it?

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I have been seeing a dermatologist regularly for the last 6 months. I've sufferred from moderate acne for 11 yrs now (now 29). I was on Differin and tetracycline with no improvement. Then he put me on Differiin and minocycline and I had mild improvement. He then switched me to Duac and kept me on minocycline two weeks ago. Within a week my acne had cleared. I have not had any new pimples in two weeks now and am completely amazed. My skin has never been so clear in 11 years. No Lie!!! Like you I never heard of Duac. I've never been happier with an acne product.

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I'm on it now... Just started this Tuesday...First visit with a derm, and also had a possible melanoma removed from my thigh...(punch biopsy..hurt to walk for three days!!)

I'm using Duac in the morning, after cleansing with Cetaphil, and then using sunscreen/moisturizer.

In the evenings, I'm using Tazorac 1% gel.

I'm also taking Dynacin 2X a day. So far, so good... I'm getting some peeling and redness, but nothing too bad. My Derm said to use it on my whole face, and also said that it will last longer than two months if refrigerated, but if you don't, no big deal as long as it's used up within two months...:D

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That is something that i am curious about actually. They say u have 2 months if not refrigerated. Well this is my first time using it and I don't know if i will have more left after two months. I wonder if after 2 months it doesn't work well at all, or it just is slightly less effective. Because if it is only slightly less effective, then I still will use it. It isn't that cheap where I can just throw it away with half a tube left and not care. I also wonder if within these two months if U can take it in and out of the refrigerator to help preserve it. Any help is appreciated.

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:D well, I know the expiry date on mine isn't till 2005, but I'm sure that's with refrigeration whenever you're not using it...plus, It kinda feels good to have a cold gel...lol :)

I'd probably keep it in the fridge, untill you've been thru 2 months of using it...That way you'll know if you'll use it all or not..

And then, I would think that refrigerating it when you remember would stop the breakdown process while in the fridge, and make it last beyond 2 months, even with partial refrigeration.

I would think you might be able to email the manufacturers, and they'd be able to tell you if it would work or not with partial refrig.

I agree...these acne meds are not cheap!! I have insurance, and that helps a lot.

Good luck!!!

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Duac worked for me. I put it on all over my face at night and then I put it on any pimples in the mornings. I'm also taking Doryx oral antibiotics. You can read my Personal Regime Log on this board. It's called My Log: Duac and Doxycycline. Previously, I was on Differin for three months with no results. I had mild acne and Differin did nothing for it. It just made my face super oily and didn't stop the pimples from coming. Duac made my face better in a week, and it's only gotten better since then. I've been using it for about three months.

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