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Dr. James Swinehart of Denver Colorado


I have some information regarding Dermal Grafting with Dr. James Swinehart of Denver, Colorado.

I initially contacted him for 4 reasons. First, because trained under Dr. Yarborough, who did my dermabrasion. Second, because his approach is to "fill the valleys" prior to considering the option of dermabrasion or other resurfacing techniques. Further, he does not suggest lasers as a first-line treatment. Lastly, he employs multiple scar revision techniques: Grafting, Subcision, Punch Elevation, Punch Excision - all aimed at elevating the scar.

After my first contact with him, he phoned me at home to discuss my options. He was very kind and thorough.

I finally decided to opt for Dermal Grafting because I no longer wish to depend on fillers, temporary or permanent. One reason being, fillers tend to migrate in my skin. I have also exhausted many procedures which did not produce the desired result. My goal was to find something permanent and effective. Hence, Dermal Grafting.

To clarify, Dermal Grafting is a procedure whereby tissue is harvested from behind the ear and placed under the scar to elevate it.

I received some paperwork from his office today. I scanned one of the articles, converted it to an Adobe .pdf file, and uploaded it.

If you would like to read it, here is the link:


Please note: After you open the file, be sure to Zoom in Adobe to 150% or else the text will be too small to ready legibly.

My plan was to have excision with Dr.Y tomorrow and begin the Dermal Grafting procedure with Dr. Swinehart in October after my excisions were completely healed. However, due to the hurricane, I plan to move up my next appointment with Dr. Swinehart.


Dr. Swinehart Contact Information:

James Swinehart, MD

Colorado Dermatology Center

950 East Harvard Avenue, Suite 630

Denver, CO 80210

Phone: (303) 744-1202

Website: http://www.coloderm.com/

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Wow I didn't know he trained under Dr.Y I looked into him when I wanted to do dermal grafting but opted for fat transfer instead. What type of scars do you have? If you say the skin will be taken from behind the ear they must be really small. Was curious why you don't want to have punch floats/excisions done with him?

Good luck to you!

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Hi Kiki,

Have you looked into Livefill with Dr. Moelleken? The survival rate of the graft is supposedly much greater than that of the conventional dermal graft. He also performs punch excisions. If you email him your photos, he will respond and inform you if you are a candidate for Livefill.

Also, I have information for you concerning Dr. Swinehart that I'll PM you in regards to a conversation I had with Dr. Y about him.



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