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bp regimen in a college dorm?

I am now living in a college dorm. It is more difficult to do the regimen here because now I've got a roommate and use a common bathroom, so I have little privacy in which I can put on bp gel and moisturizer (unlike at home where I had my own room).

I stopped using the regimen this summer, after having using it with success for 9 months, because I was in the mountains for a month (where I had very little acne because it was so dry there, or that's what I think accounted for the lack of acne). After being back in more humid areas for a month, my mild acne is returning.

I am reluctant to start up using the regimen again simply because it takes SO much time. So much time!

My question is -- is there a good way to clear acne with a super-duper bar of soap? Some kind of anti-acne soap? That would be wonderful, as I could easily do that in the shower, and that's it. No extra time needed to apply bp and then apply moisturizer. I could easily do it during my daily shower in complete privacy and wouldn't have to worry about doing it in my dorm room or in front of the mirror in the common bathroom.

So is there a bar of soap that could reasonably substitute for the bp regimen and clear up my moderate acne somewhat?

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I know what you mean with privacy... for some reason its awkward to put on bp in front of people haha. They do make soap bars with bp in them so all you have to do is wash. Don't know the brandname google it

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Well if there was a super duper anti acne soap that worked we wouldn't be stuck here would we? hehe

I share a house with two guys and a girl and I eventually stopped caring...I many times walked around with acne meds on, and when asked I just replied "ahh it's for my red marks" which it was....we're cool with each other so I didn't feel embarresed or nothing. But I can understand your problem with a 'public' bathroom.

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ahhh to be a freshman...

heres an idea, although a little silly... use the stall... it takes 5-10 minutes for me to rub in the BP, it takes me longer to drop the kids off at the pool. you can get away w/ moisturizing when you're done im sure (be sure to wash your hands first though, if you do happen to take care of business) taking a daily dump is not uncommon, and it will save you from having to do it in front of every single person in the dorm...

i lived in a fraternity house w/ a SINGLE shower room for over a year, i know how privacy and roomates can get.

as for nighty night time, either do the same or just wait to do it before you sleep (ie w/ lights off in your bunk)

if you need a mirror you can take one in the stall w/ you or something, but the nighttime one is kind of non-mirror. after a while you should know what to do w/o a mirror though anyways.

hope this helps

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