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Holy Grail for Zits

Go to your dermatologist and ask for injections. They usually do it for raised bumps or cycsts (which is what most are) and within 12-24 hours the zit is GONE. People have been doing it for years, and if i had known i would have been too. My derm recommended coming back every couple days if i needed to. Dans regimen works fine, it worked for me. But for real results you CAN SEE IN HOURS, go to the derm people. You will be kicking yourself no one told you before. Forget this crap about tricks to lesson acne with toothbrushes and lemon and other ridiclous things that may MASK acne. The injection of cortison releives the inflammation, thus reducing redness. its AMAZING. Ive gone back twice to get them in 3 days. They do hurt, but its just a pinch and dont ever let that stop you. does it stop people from getting tattoos? My last post about it was a general question before i got them. now i know. LIFE SAVER. My cyst is practically gone (I waited to long and it got really big, but considering how big it was when i had the injection, its improved 400% in 36 hours) Also, they will spray your face with nitrous oxide and that reduces the general bumpy texture of your skin for the pores that injections are not needed in. Please people, stop moping and take action. Dont fear the little prick, and get rid of your pimples by tomorrow. there is a solution immediatly. I mean, continue your regimen presribed by the doc. prevention is the best medicine, but injections will save you before a job interview or a dance. And they have been around for years. I think people just dont to see a needle by their face. Forget it people, for many of you it is the ANSWER. you could have saved yourself more embarresment than youll ever remember. ill post pics soon

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Haha, i'd have to LIVE in the derm's office to deal with my cysts by injection. It's great advice for people who just get one now and then, but when your acne is generally cystic it's just not practical.

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yea i have several really painful ones on my forehead and hairline, if they could do them all then i might go, but there will probably be more in like 2 days lol so i dont know.

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