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Information on Dr. Rapaport's services

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Dr. Rapaport's office e-mailed the following information when I left them a message asking about smoothbeam... thought it may interest some of you. I have emailed back asking why he doesn't use smoothbeam and I haven't gotten a response yet.



My name is Laura Welch, and I am one of the patient care coordinators at the Cosmetic Skin and Surgery Center. You recently contacted us requesting information on treatments for acne scars. This correspondence is in response to your request.

Dr. Rapaport bases his recommendations for treatments on his examination and interview of the patient. Dr. Rapaport does not use the Smoothbeam laser. However, I can give you some general information about some of the procedures that we do for scars at this office.

For most smooth-walled, depressed scars, subcision, also called undermining, is the preferred approach. Depressions appear when scar tissue develops underneath the skin surface, pulling the skin downward and holding it in place. Subcision involves the use of a tribevelled needle to break up the scar tissue underneath the depression. The body reacts to the destruction of the scar tissue by producing its own natural collagen in the subcised area, hence raising the depression. It is a highly effective method in the treatment of depressed scars, but it usually requires multiple sessions depending on the number and depth of the scars. The sessions are normally spaced four to six weeks apart, and require approximately 40 minutes each time. Patients normally have some bruising for 7 days after the procedure, and the final results of each session should be evident within three weeks. The cost of subcision is $700 per session.

The NLite laser, a non-ablative, pulse die laser technology, is usually recommended after subcision. Unlike laser resurfacing, the NLite does not burn the skin surface. The beams are focused below the depressions to further stimulate the production of collagen. NLite sessions only require around 10 minutes, and the cost is $650 per session. Dr. Rapaport usually recommends having NLite done one to three days after subcision.

For certain kinds of pitted or sharp edged scars, Dr. Rapaport has introduced a new type of TCA chemical peeling at a high concentration that is used only inside the depressed areas. If this technique cannot be used, then excision, which involves cutting out a scar and then closing the area with a stitch, may be recommended. Generally, for those patients requiring multiple excisions, laser resurfacing (CO2/ Erbium) is advised afterwards to smooth over the stitch marks. The cost of excision is $700 per session, and the cost of the localized TCA peeling is $950. These prices are discounted when a combination of procedures is recommended for the patient.

Fillers (collagen, fascian, or fat) are used in the cases of deeper scars that will not respond completely to subcision and NLite. Of the three fillers possible, fat used from a fat transfer is permanent, although it requires multiple sessions. The others last on average 3-12 months.

Laser resurfacing (CO2/ Erbium) is generally recommended to treat wrinkles, bump-like scars, and discoloration, not pitted or cratered scars. Generally, the CO2 laser is used for fairer skin, and the Erbium laser is used for darker skin. Sometimes, the two lasers are used in combination. Chemical peels are often done for patients suffering from discoloration due to sun damage, acne, melasma, and hypo pigmentation. Our chemical peel series begins at $1395, and laser resurfacing costs $5000 plus the cost of anesthesia. The recovery time for laser resurfacing is around two weeks, but normally patients do not need to take any time off during a peel series.

Depending on the severity of the scars, ThermaCool is sometimes recommended after other procedures when Dr. Rapaport feels that the patient may benefit from a slight tightening of the skin in the mid or lower face. The ThermaCool technology uses radio frequency volumetric heating to tighten the skin from underneath. This procedure is done under a local anesthetic and takes approximately two hours. Most patients start to see results in just a few days with continued improvement for four months. While the results are not as dramatic as those of a face or neck lift, the visible change is undeniable. The cost for ThermaCool treatments starts at $2600.

While none of these procedures are covered by insurance, we do accept credit cards, and we work with two finance companies for the convenience of our clients. If you prefer to establish credit with one of the finance companies to cover the cost of a procedure done with us, we can help you fill out the forms after the consultation.

Dr. Rapaport is a board certified dermatologist who has been practicing for twenty years, and he specializes in the treatment of scars. He is in the forefront of the latest technologies and techniques, and he is highly respected by both his peers and his patients. Most importantly, he does fabulous work. We do have patients of all skin types coming from all over the world for treatments, and they are generally very satisfied with the results. If it is at all possible, I would suggest coming to our office for a free consultation.

We welcome you to schedule an appointment at our office in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Dr. Rapaport is available for consultations from 10AM to 6PM Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and usually during the day on Friday. I will of course do my utmost to work with your schedule.


Laura Welch

Patient Care Coordinator

Cosmetic Skin & Surgery Center

333 Sylvan Avenue, Suite 207

Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632


[email protected]


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I've seen him 3 times...His prices are off the wall!!!

he charges $650 for nlite and only does like 5 zaps and definitely on a low setting. I found a doc that agressively did it for $275 with free touch ups 2 weeks later!

With regards to his subcision and Spot tca, not many docs do it. He can basically charge what he wants!

The guy is so rich!

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It's very unfortunate that docs like Rappaport do not understand that acne scarring effect young persons who are unestablished and cannot afford prices like he charges even if they were to put their all into it.

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hi max, i've been looking into getting N-lite and I heard that Dr R. charges an arm and a leg. Could you please tell me the name of the doc that you went to? I'd much rather go to him/her instead of Dr R.


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I know a Russian Doctor who does smoothbeam in Brooklyn for $150.

DR. ZHANNA KANEVSKY (She's very very flexible, has a thick accent but i bet you could even get a procedure done the same day you call)


The Nlite Doctor that i've seen is located in Great Neck, NY.

His name is Dr. Bodian


Let me know which route you go....

Good Luck,


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