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Acting stupider and forgetting short-term things

I have been on 80mg a day for the past 2 months. The past few weeks I have noticed that my short-term memory has worsen a little bit and I act a bit stupider.

For example I was eating boiled eggs and I was couting how many I eat. Then I lost count at 3 or 4. I did not know if I just ate 3 or 4. It pissed me off that I had bad short-term memory, (i was about to go to bed if that helps)

The other times when I have to do a simple task like drop money into a safe from work. I think that I do it and I get distracted then later I have an image of thinking that I did it so I think I really dropped the money into the safe but in reality that was just my imagination.

Did any of you accutane users noticed a lower IQ/ stupidity or forgetting about short-term things?

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yeah, its not much of a difference. Like maybe 5% difference...but it does piss you off if you think about it. (Is this drug making me stupider?) and it better not be permanent.

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i find myself getting up to do something and then forgetting what it was that i intended to do....perhaps i'm just imagining it though. eusa_think.gif

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