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Kinda noticed that my bumps

Sup everyone, I have mild acne on my forehead and I’ve noticed that my bumps swell up a bit and get red after I wash my face.

Heres my routine:

Wash with a bit of some cheap pH balanced body wash

Blot with towel and wait for face to dry

Apply a bit of BP (5% Peroxiben) wait for face to dry

Apply oat (or oatmeal) based moisturizer

I do this twice a day.

The swelling and redness subsides after a while.

So whats causing the swelling and redness right after washing? I thinking I need something better and gentler to wash my face with, don’t wanna spend small fortune though, or maybe use less of what I'm already using. Or maybe is something else I haven't figured out yet. Or is this swelling and redness normal after washing? Btw my forehead and nose area is oily. Eh...

So, any tips will be appreciated.

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Guest Marino


My acne used to light up when ever i would wash it,

only slightly though, it was mostly because i when i washing it obviously i had to rub it with my cleanser which means it would get irritated.

Also another tip from my derm, was the oil in our skin natually hides our pigmented areas to some extent depending on our skin tone.

By washing your skin you striping yourself of those natrual oils and any blemish, spot or mark on your skin would beign to stand out a little more than usualy depending on your skin type [may have the opposite affect for some people].

Personally, i think its nothing to worry about, however it could possibly be Seborrheic dermatitis which means you have very sensitive skin that reacts when been touched.

If its what i think it is, it should be no problem, perhaps changing to a more mild cleanser may help however i think its just a natrual reaction of the skin.

If it something more [which i douby because the whole skin should react], such a Seborrheic dermatitis i suggest you consult a dermatologist for more advice.

Take care

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I don’t think I have Seborrheic dermatitis because to me it appears that only the bumps light up, as you put it.

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