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El Sol


How can I control my oily skin? I get a real oily nose during the day along with cheeks and forehead. Any reccomendations for moisturizers? I just bought the Eucerin Skin Renewal today and am going to see how that works. I've been carrying around a pack of the Clean and Clear oil blotting sheets but is there any other way to rid myself of this shinnyness? It can be rather embarrasing after a while. Help me out all.

~El Sol

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Guest Marino


I have very oily skin myself, and to tell you the truth i dont bother with the moisturzier most of the time.

If your skin can natrually maitain a good balance when applying the drying BP on then dont worry about the moisturizer.

Make sure you have a moisturizer on you though, because in a likley hood you'll probably need to use it once in a while on the occasional dry day for whateva reason.

If your still oily without the moisturizer, up the percentage of BP which most probably dry out your skin more, though most likley too much [i only use it for bacne sometimes].

Good luck

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ive actually been having the same problem.


i havent tried the oil absorbing sheets, mainly b/c i prefer a more direct approach (needing to wipe off access oil is not a solution to the problem, it is just a distraction from the problem)

what type of BP are you using and in what amount ? i noticed after switching from clerasil ultra 10% to the BP i had ordered after finding this website i had significantly less shine. i also switched from neutrogena to cetaphil moisturizer, and that helped as well.

try using diferent amounts of BP or Moisturizer (whichever you think is causing the shine) and tell us how that goes. remember to be consistant for a few days though, as your skin needs time to adjust.

I would have to advise you NOT to up your percentage of BP. ive used 10% and noticed that it normally created more shine, due to the drying of the skin. the reason your have shine is because your body is trying to naturally balance the dryness, but your face is not absorbing the natural oil, or there is too much. once again, do not try 10% unless it is last resort, i had found that from switching from 10% to 2.5% did make a difference in topical appearance, and 2.5 still worked just as well(like dan says). this is just my personal experiance though. i have mild (but stuborn) acne and a very good skin tone, and redness is my major problem. if you are in a similar situation feel free to take my advice.

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