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need some electric razor advice

i just got a electric razor and the first day i used it i woke up the next day and had alot of red bumps and wite heads is this sopposed to happen the first time you use it. The reason i bought this was cuz it was sopposed to help me with my ingrown hair problems and acne. I used it the second day and it kinda got alittle worse to. Can someone please reply maybe im doing something wrong i dont know

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What kind of shaver do you use, is it dry shave or it has an option to use loation while you shave. I have a Norelco model that shaves with loatin at the same time, maybe this will ease the problem.

I never had direct white heads and stuff just from a shave with an electric shaver. I would say everyone is different and yes shaving could aggrivate your skin like that. Experiment a little see if your skin addapts to the new shaver if not then get something else or ask a derm.

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I used to shave with a razor blade.I ended up having a really close shave, but at the expense of razor burns and new acne.So I got a cheap electric razor, that was around 80 bucks by Remington.The thing worked pretty good at first, and caused little irritation, but after awhile the blades started to rust and dull.And when I shaved, the blades would knick my skin and cause more acne.My advice is spend a bit more money on a good electric razor, preferably one that has good speed, so you dont have to shave over the same spot many times.

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