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Acne moving around my face with age

26yo male. Anyone here noticed anything similar:

17yo-22yo- Acne just on my forehead. Never anywhere else.

22yo-25yo- Acne just on my cheeks.

25yo-26yo- Generally just on my chin & nose.

f***** up. As there aint many other areas I hope that this is the beginning of the end for my acne.

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I too am 26 and have noticed this effect, I had regular acne all over, but after accutane at 17 it came back as cysts and went like this...

Clear till 18

18-20 cysts on neck and inside ears (that sucked)

20-21 pretty clear

21-23 chin area right below sides of lower lip

24-25 both sides of nose on cheek.

urggh! Just sharing my similar experience...I hope the next area I get acne isn't noticable, maybe the bottom of a rock in southeast asia, in a forrest somewhere where I never know about it.

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14-15- Forehead

15-16 Chin/Nose And Parts of Cheeks

My forehead which used to be my worst area gets only a pimple or two. Now my chin is the worst of all.

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15~17 : cheeks

18 : cheeks + forehead

19: chin area (below cheeks) mostly (borderline between face and lower chin)

but NONE on my nose (my nose is 100% soft and clear...what the hell)

I think the "generic traveling course" for acne is

Forehead -> Cheek -> Lower Cheek/Chin -> clear?

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