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Moisturizer while on Accutane?

Hi everyone biggrin.gif I am hoping to get some feedback from you all regarding effective moisturizers that I can use wile on Accutane. My skin has gotten extremely dry (I'm on 60 mg/day) and it's also very flaky. I am hesitant to use a moisturizer that containes oil since I am still getting pimples (and I'm in my 6th week! UGH!!!)

I have heard some good things about using Friut of the Earth 100% Aloe Vera Gel before bed at night. Has anyone tried this? I've been using Complex 15 moisturizer during the day and while I love it (it absorbs right away and doesn't make me breakout) I am getting really dry again halfway through the day. I know the best things would be to reapply the Complex 15 at the midpoint of the day, but I'd have to take all of my make-up off and reapply and that's just not a realistic option for me. So, I guess I need something with a bit more "muscle" but I don't want to put something on my face that's going to clog my pores and give me more zits.

Any advice that you all might have to pass along to me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and best of luck to all of you eusa_angel.gif

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I don't know if too many people use it but for the past few days I've been using the dove essentials mosturizer with spf15. It works nice and it doesnt make my face shiny or anything so I'm liking it. I'm a guy though so I dont know what you're really lookin for in the mosturizer, lol.

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eucerin daily renewal is an unbelievable moisturizer. it is non-comodigenic (???), oil-free, very light weight moisturizer that turns super flaky skin into perfectly smooth looking skin. try it its one of the best for sure

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