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Does Regimen prolong acne??

I was thinking since I am on this regimen for about a year now and IT WORKS miracles on my face.. about 99% of my acne is gone.. will that have any effect on my acne in general as of will it prolong it? since my body is not fighting the bacteria that is causing it on its own , the immune system will never be able to fight it since i am on BP which kills that bacteria.... How is that working? .. I don`t want to get of the regimen because i did it once and my pimples showed up like crazy in about 2-3 weeks.. then i had to start from the begining and now my face is almost clean again.. usually have 1 or 2 tiny pimples you can`t see from 2 feet away and I get 1 cystic pimple every 2-3 weeks.. which is nothing comparing to my old face where i usually got a new pimple every day.. I am scared to get of the REGIMEN cause i think i`ll get my pimples back.. but then I don`t want to get stuck with it for next 10 years or something..i`m already 23 years old.. I HATE ACNE..

did anybody use REGIMEN and the one day his acne just stoped and BP could go to garbage and never again had to be used??? ANYBODY!!???

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No, as far as we know, BP don't prolong acne.

Acne isn't a infectious disease, because presence of those P. Acne bacteria is absolutely NORMAL. I mean that normal skin and other skins, all human skins, contain P. Acne.

Acne illness is a complexe skin unbalance where P. Acne has only a necessary but not exclusive role. On the contrary, the pus of whiteheads is made by the destruction by the body of this abnormal bacteria proliferation.

So while you have whiteheads, you'll know that your body can fight against P. Acne. But the best way to prevent body to create pus (whitehead) is to kill those bacteria (with BP).

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u got it the other way around. when u get acne for the first time body fights like hell. but as u contine breaking out body starts to adapt so that actually the immune system does not respond agressively anymore to the acne ( fighting is expensive for immune system, it rather adapts). so actually if u keep it clear then body does a better job once u get acne again.

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