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Homer Jay Simpson

2 weeks through

Ok. I have mild acne on my cheeks and I wanted to do something about it. I started with Clean & Clear, which is a 10% bp deal. The first week through I started to get better. Pimples were gone actually, but red spots were about. Then I went on vacation, swam in the ocean, washed my face with C&C and nearly melted it off. It was read as could be (possibly from the salt water). That was about a week ago. No it's back to a few bumps and old red spots. Am I on track? Has anyone had any problems with ocean water and acne?

Also, on a side note, I've seen the pills in the store. Do they work at all? I just want to find something easier than spending all this time washing.

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Guest Marino

Just a few questions:

1/ How come you went on 10 BP?

2/ Did you come off your regime while on vacation?

3/ does your skin ever clear on its own temporarily as in you sometimes dontbreak out?

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Guest Marino

Okay, heres my recomendation:

-Look around for 2.5 percent BP,untill then use whateva replacement percentage you have.

The reasoning behind this, is that 2.5 percent is AS effective in killing bacteria as the 10 percent. It minus the less irritation which means your skin will be better able to equip the sweety heat.


The second you come off the regime, is when your acne returns.

Remember there is no cure for acne, the regime simply supresses it, you need to keep using it to prevent future breakouts.

-Only swim after your clear

Once your skin is clear from the 2.5 percent regime, start applying it at night only.

Then you can enjoy the rest of the day, and do what you like.

Untill then, stay away from swimming pools, or anything that may wash off the day time BP.

Ontop of that, dont touch your face, use a more gentle cleanser and try to stay out of the sun as BP can make you more photosensitive.

Take care

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