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Hey Everyone,

I;m new to this group & am hoping to get some opinions. Just a lil background here~I am 25 and lived with acne most of my teenage/adult life. I have moderate scarring on my cheeks & have been getting microdermabrasion done to help with that and with excellent results I might add.

What I am needing help with is this......

I don't break out like I used to but still on ocassion do break out and when I do it's stubborn lol But I am also now concerned with aging and wanting to "prevent" rather than "treat" it later in life. I have tried so many cleansers and mousturizers, toners, scrubs (mainly the brands you can find at walmart and target) and have talked to my dermatologist, which wasn't much help, and I havent found anything that is working for my adult skin. Right now I am using the Oil of Olay Clarity cleanser/toner with the oil of olay mousturizer for oily skin & it's ok but I find the toner to be a bit...to much alcohol in it and it overdrys and makes my skin more oily-but thats what i have found with most toners. I have very oily skin & I live in a very humind state (NC) so I don't want to use anything to greasy or heavy. & it also seems my skin doesn't like aha~my skin is pretty tough from everything Ive put it through over the years but it just doesnt like AHA.

So, I am hoping maybe you all could give me suggestions on what to use? Is there a specific regime that has worked best? What has worked for you?

I am desperate & any advice or suggestions is welcomed! Thank you~it's much appreciated!


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Guest Marino


Just out of curiosity, when you do breakout, how bad is it?

Would you consider it mild or moderate?

If its very mild, theres very little we can do as hormonal acne is the "occasional" spot we get every now and then, however if it is something more you may want to look into a topical retinoid or the regime.

Once it clears you up, all you have to do is keep at it to prevent future breakouts.

I'm currently on Isotrex [ a topical retinoid] and use it to prevent acne.

I only apply it once at night and its no hassle, financially or with regards to time manangement.

I came off my topical not to long ago and saw my acne return, if your looking to be prevent breakouts and dont mind applying the gel by all means see your GP or dermatologist.

Or you can skip that and use Dans BP clear skin regime which is also works but as the topical retinoid, requires you to keep using it to maintain your skin.

Good luck!

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Stop changing products. Find one that works best for you, and stick with it even though it may break you out initially. (of course you should stop using if it still keeps breaking you out)

And use Dan's BP gel..... it's the best and cheapest!!!

Go to acne.org and check out The Regimen and the products Dan approved.

This may sound very simple, but sometimes simplicity is the best. If you post a pic of your skin, we can get more detail.

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