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Tricking the oil?

Dear people of the forum,

I haven't posted in a long time but some questions came up. I was wondering, and this may be stupid but can putting a moisturizer on trick your internal hormones such that you don't produce as much oil?

I was wondering that if you do put moisturizers on your face, your face becomes very "oily." Now I was wondering that if this false oil on your face makes your body feel like it doesn't need to produce more... The only problem that I see with this point or question is that people with acne over produce oils. So maybe, even though we are "oiled," our body still produces an excess of oil.

Another point that I have seen on the board is the use of vitamins and diet. I personally feel that vitamins, diet, and sleep have a major effect on our body. I especially notice my acne when I pull an all-nighter. It is only reason that vitamins and diet do influence the production of hormones and other chemicals in our body. So with a healthy diet and regular vitamin intake, can't we improve the amount of oils released by our body? Also if I do recall correctly, acne is caused by pores becoming clogged and infected. When you get sick from bacterial infections doesn't your doctor give you instructions to sleep and eat a healthy diet? So I guess I am just wondering if anybody else is thinking this too.

Now this doesn't mean go on a full fruit, no bread and other diets. Just make sure that if this does have influence on acne, to get all your vitamins and other minerals for the day.

So if Dan or another administration could take a look, or I would like to hear other opinions.


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