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I'm a 23 year old male who's had ance for 10 years. It's gone through phases, not being quite as bad for periods of time, and really bad for other stretches. Whiteheads seem to be what i get most. Guess im a oily skin type. My acne is mostly along the sides of my face from my temple to jawline/neck and on my forehead.

The odd thing is, that it seemed in the past, during some times where i made less of an effort to care for my face, i had less acne issues. Some of the times i've paid more attention, and given more care, i've had more issues.

It got really bad within the past few months, pretty much about the time i started working part time at a fast food restraunt. Maybe the grease? I said i had to do something about this, its outta control. Thats when i came across this site, and decided to try the regimen. Went out looking for bp gel, but couldn't find any, so chose neutrogena on the spot 2.5%. I'd always used soap in the past, never tried facial cleanser. Bought "Oil-free acne wash" "effective yet gentle cleanser for acne treatment" by neutrogena. I've been using the 2 for about a 4-6 weeks now, and at times it seems it helps a bit, but its like i can't really keep up. Started off applying once a day, and have at times, done it twice a day recently.

Also, i bought i bottle of neutrogena "oil free moisture" "sensitive skin". Tried applying it on top of the first 3 one time, the next day i had 4-5 new whiteheads, so im affraid to apply it again.

Does anyone have any advice for my particular situation? And also, do we have to do this our ENTIRE lives? There has to be a ways to avoid acne, without having to apply BP daily our entire life. Thanks in advance!

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