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My Regimen results

Week six stuff: You can skip this first post and go to the second, the first post is my update at week six and a comment from Dan.

Well you'll see below that I have been having pretty good success with Dan's regimen but now in the beginning of week 6 I am developing a cyst near my nose.

I was pretty excited but now Im feeling a bit discouraged. Really though, its not too bad and right now its not too noticable but it may get larger, who knows.

Man I hate acne. Anyway right now here's my regimen and products if anyone cares, probably not, people just want to see before and after pics! I should have taken some I guess because I am doing pretty well right now.


Lather up with purpose, shave

Pat dry with a heavy duty paper towel (just to be extra sanitary)

apply half a finger of bp wait 10 minutes

apply Eucerin daily renewal with spf 25 (thinking about changing though, it makes me so damn shiny)


Wash with purpose

Pat dry with paper towel

apply one finger of bp wait 10 minutes

apply Eucerin renewal

I'll keep updating


Regimen results:

Week 1: 2 normal spots 1 cyst

Week 2: 3 spots 2 cysts (large cysts)

Week 3: 1 spot 1 cyst

Week 4: 1 spot (healing) 2 cysts (1 healing, 1 forming? maybe)

Week 5: Pretty much clear. That cyst never formed, and I had one little pimple last week that lasted about a day.

Week 6: Pretty much clear but a new cyst is forming by my nose!!!! agghghhhgh!!!!!

Dans Reply:

Are you waiting 15 minutes after washing before applying bp?

As far as the cyst goes, you can try to kill it with http://www.acne.org/alpha-hydroxy-acid.php

My Reply:

Thanks Dan, for replying, No I usually just apply bp right after drying. Would that make a difference? I guess I'll start waiting just cause you mentioned it but Im probably just going through a week six breakout, I hope, besides that the regimen has rocked.

In my utter dismay I bought some acninil herb stuff from ebay, when it arrives I'll add that it, hope it helps but it probably shouldn't affect my regimen results, just a pill, and you cant argue with that unless you believe that things you ingest affect acne, in other words you have to perscribe to the belief that diet is an issue.

Anyway I'll just keep truckin, will wait after washing and I'll keep postin

-Thanks Dan oh and if you read this please comment on herbs/vitamins in conjunction with the reg and waiting 15 after washing, I mean why would waiting make a difference? Thanks,


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Okay so Im now on week 7, week 6 was a bitch! I have 4 cysts, this blows! I did start waiting 15 after washing before applying bp and it made my face rediculously dry at first but now its starting to mellow. I also swithced to Dan's gel instead of on the spot so either one of these changes may have caused this breakout, who knows, oh well, I'll keep going I guess, this sucks!

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Well, I guess Im going to try and start udating daily, I think other peoples posts labeled by day are easier to read. So here goes

Day 50

Today I have 4 cysts. One on my neck, hardly ever get 'em there

one right in the crease where my nose meets my face(first of the bunch in this breakout) and its almost dead. One on my cheek, red and angry, never get 'em there, and one on my chin also red and angry and also not a normal place I get them.

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I would try the regimen listed on this site. If you were applying bp right away I doubt you are doing everything else on the regimen. It is not just a matter of the products you use, it has everything to do with how you use them. I would read through the regimen again and watch the videos a few times and get yourself on the Clear Skin Regimen. L'il tough love for ya.

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Day 51:

Hmm weird, Dan's post that is, maybe he's getting my post's confused with someone elses or something, maybe he just doesn't like my ugly avatar, which currently a skull face or something stupid I found on the web. ? eusa_think.gif

Either way, uhh I'v watched the videos a total of 8 times now since starting 51 days ago. I've done everything as instructed, use the recommended products, ramped up slowly with the bp, the only thing I was somehow over-looking was the waiting 15 minutes after washing, I was waiting like 3-5. ? Whats with the tough love Dan? Dont get it.

Anyways, day 51, still have four pretty good cysts, however one from yesterday is really seeming more like a red spot now, (its not too swollen underneath or red and pissed off) but the other one on my chin seems to now have spread and is creating a buddy right next door. Heres a pic from that area.


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I think Dan was just making a point that you want to be *very* detailed oriented in your adherence to the regimen exactly as he prescribes it, and he is concerned that if you are veering off course on that one detail, you may be tweaking other steps as well.

I think the "tough love" part was just meant to be a little funny, that's all. At least that's how I took it.


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I am kinda fascinated actually that it seems like so many people who are putting up a "Clear Skin Regimen" log are actually not sticking to regimen. The regimen is called a regimen because it is just that, something that needs to be followed closely. I'm not sure how to urge people to actually follow it so that's why it comes across as tough love. Thing is, when people actually follow it, they usually get great results. But following it means reading it carefully, printing it out, watching the videos several times, waiting the right amount of time, not otherwise irritating your skin, etc. http://www.acne.org/biggestmistakes.html has more.

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Yeah, Maybe I got a little sensitive, I thought I was following it exactly, and maybe I should post this in the regular section, I dont know, I guess its just easy to overlook some things. In all honesty though I still dont understand what I was doing wrong...I mean Ive corrected the not waiting 15 minutes after washing deal Is the fact that I was waiting a few minutes less really mean Im not actually doing the regimen? Maybe it does.


Day 52:

Well today my cysts were huge, I skipped some class, then tonight two of them broke open and drained, which is good. It was rreal gross. though. I put some neosporin on them which is probably another regimen no no but come on I dont want scars. We'll so how it all goes tomorrow.

P.S. Seriously Dan, you can move this to the regular regimen section I wont be offended. Besides Im also taking vitamins and some herbs so Im not completely relying on the regimen, just so you know.

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Day 54

Well things are starting to calm down a bit, still I say a bit, My cysts are still just freakin huge, right now I still have a huge one next to my nose and the two on my chin just sort of joined forces and are one huge one which is relatively flat now but very red, still stickin with this regimen though, I think My problems may have been caused by swithching bp, but Im still sticking with Dan's bp because its less irratating than o.t.s. Who knows, I just hope the redness has calmed down by tuesday (todays friday) for school. God this sucks.

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day 57

Well the cysts I had last week are pretty much gone or on there way out but surisingly another decided to crop up on Sunday, its pretty bad today. Man I hope this is just a temporary reaction to having switched to Dan's gel around week six. This sucks, I hate acne, I hate cysts!

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Day 58

Damn, well my last cyst from my major breakout a week and a half ago is subsiding but as I mentioned in day 57 I have a new one, which is huge, maybe a 1/2 in. to 3/4 in' across. Its sort of oblong shaped and I think it may actually be two next to each other. Its sore and I hate it.

Im beginning to wonder, why do I get acne? I went to an accupuncturist for a free consultation and they say I have heat in my blood, damp heat. They gave me some herbs to take (margarite acne pills) and I've been taking them for about 6 days or so. They haven't made much of a difference but they may take time. My stepdad recommended MSM and actually gave me some the other day which Im also taking along with vitamin C and vitamin A, both at about double the rda, he used to be a vitamin distributer and says thats fine.

My point is that this problem is internal, this idea was just recently reinforced by a post in the regimen section about someone who has been doing the regimen for years but just broke out really bad from stress. So whats the point of the regimen! I mean for me that is?

Its possible that I haven't belonged here for some time. I haven't had your typical acne problem since I was 17 and went on accutane.

By the way Im just rambling for my own good, there is no need to be reading any of this unless your really bored at work and actually getting paid while your on this website.

Ever since I got off the tane my acne became cystic. And I delt with it all over. Like in my ears, on the back of my neck, the sides of my neck and of course my face. It became less major as time went on but I almost always had at least one cyst on my face at any given point in time. The regimen has been my last resort to try and end this nightmare forever, by preventing these cysts. It seriously sucks that I would be clear for like a month, meet a girl, ask her out, and by that friday have to cancel out because I have humongous cyst.

But man, if I still get them from stress or whatever like maybe every other month than what is the point of doing this! Thats where I was. I know Im a lot better off than a lot of people, and thats why I said maybe I dont belong here. But I would almost rather have like 6 or 7 pimples than 1 huuuuge cyst. Thank god its not worse.

I think my problem will not be solved by simply killing the bacteria at the surface. My problem needs to be solved from the inside out. Im seriously considering accupuncture to balance my hormones and body functions. Maybe Im nuts but I guess my situation is so different from so many people here.

I hate acne.

sorry i just had to ramble for a bit.

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man, i think the only solution for you is another round of tane.

i went on it twice, and still dealing with acne now. but at least not cystic.

start the regimen right after you are off the tane..

P.S. I am at work, i am bored, and i am paid for surfing the web!! ha! eusa_dance.gif

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day 62

Well, been pretty busy with school so I haven't posted recently. So heres the deal.

Right now Im still dealing with the remains of a cyst from like day 45 or so, It shrunk and all the pus drained then it rebuilt itself and continues to like drain everyday. Its now relatively normal sized and dying I think. I still have that oblong one on my chin that also drained but I think that was just half of it, the other half is still going strong. Nothing new cropped up this week though, which was good, I hope these two just die and Im left with clear skin. Still truckin with the regimen though, as far as I know Im doing just what Dan says. The only thing Im doing thats outside the realm of the regimen is taking vitamins and herbs, heres the breakdown:


a: 20,000 ius a day

c: 1000 mg a day

MSM 6000 mg a day


Jade Dragon margarite acne pills

I just want to kill acne and be free!

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