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oily skin on the regimen... advice?

so far im liking the regimen after a few days of using it. it has actually cleared my cheeks, chin, and temple area up. Problem lies in the oily skin though. applying moisturizer makes my skin get really shiney towards the end of the day(i used to wash my face 3 times a day to help this, but w/ sticking to the regimen i've reduced it to 2 times , day and night). my forehead gets especially shiney, i saw somebody trying to fix their hair in the reflection on my forehead this afternoon lol.gif . anyways, the forehead also seems to be the most stuborn area for acne at the moment (hasnt really allways been, jus the last few months), but then again i dont have bad acne, just bumps spread here and there, nothing i can actually feel; this makes me feel since forehead = problem area that i cant really use less BP or moisturize less.

any alternatives? or advice to keep the shine from blinding pedestrians and causing auto accidents? thx a ton, so glad i found this place.

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oh yea, im also a hair freak (call me vain, but i love to spike and style my hair, everybody has the same damn hair nowadays) which may be causing breakouts up there... as far as hair products go im just as picky. i dont use standard gel, like the cheapys... i actually spend a few bucks on hair stuff ( i have spray, wax, and style glue) but i am VERY carful to keep it away from the forehead. think this could be contributing to shine/ stuborn acne up thar?

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lol! sorry, your post was rather amusing! eusa_angel.gif

it's hard to tell eusa_think.gif maybe the hair products are contributing to the shine.

Either way, I would continue with the regimen as usual. I had a HUGE shine problem as well. And then some of the people on the board recommended Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. I've been using these religiously since. They're awesome, and it's amazing how much oil they pick up! Just dab them lightly wherever you shine smile.gif

Hope that helps?

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i may try that last resort, i had found some other usefull help elswere on the forum. got some new stuff to play with tonight so we'll see how things go. hopefully i'll have to turn down nasa about being their first human solar panel.

and yea, i try to keep this stuff on a lighter not. this stuff isnt life or death to me, but i dont have it nearly as bad as some poor folks. keep on fighting the good fight! (the one against your face that is)

nice avatar by the way, reminds me of somebody i know.

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