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Charlie Chalk

AHA question....Dan or somebody else

I've been using Alpha Hydroxy's aha lotion for the past half year and I just started the regimen yesterday cause' AHA just wasn't cutting it all by itself.

Is the alpha hydroxy AHA lotion also conscidered a moisturizer in the same way as the eucerin moisturizer the regimen advocates, does the fact that it is an AHA make it a moisturizer?...or is the eucerin a moisturizer that just happens to have AHA in it?

I have a couple of tubes of Alpha hydroxys aha lotion still, and was wondering if this would be just as good to use as the eucerin skin renewall?

Have never come across anything as good as AHA for red marks I may add...actually incredible.

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hi there,

the eucerin lotion contains a small amount of AHA, lactic acid. Since it's such a small amount, it won't irritate your skin, which is great! And you have to be careful, because the regimen calls for a pretty large amount of Benzoyl Peroxide, so your skin will be sensitive. The last thing you want is to aggravate it, causing further breakouts. So I would not recommend using the AHA lotion as a moisturizer after the BP. It may be too harsh for your skin while on the regimen.

However, the AHA lotion has been proven to be effective as a spot treatment while on the regimen. Meaning, that if you are getting a breakout, using AHA lotion on the spot itself may get rid of the pimple quicker, sometimes stopping it completely in it's track.

The way to incorporate this spot treatment into the regimen is to cleanse as usual, wait 15 minutes, then apply AHA directly to any active spot (and ONLY on active spots), then apply the BP as usual, wait 5-10 minutes and moisturize with Eucerin renewal.

Hope that helps!

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Alright thanks for the advice. I'm currently now using only the normal eucerin dry skin relief without AHA, and will probably do so the first two weeks or so.

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