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UK Male, mild acne, got hospital appointment thru

Hello everyone!

At the age of 16 i began to develop acne, 3-4 on each side of my face, mainly around my top lip and jaw line but not on my cheeks. I went on some form of anti biotics when i was 17 with no joy, my spots came and went without having any treatment.

I am now 22 and still have my acne, but only on my cheeks, non on my back or neck, some around the mouth but these are very small. I get non on my jaw line now, just my frigging cheeks and its so annoying!

My GP hs refered me to the hospital on the 19th September, i need to provide a urine sample, anyone know why?

Plus, what will the routine be, urine sample/blood sample and they will get back to me as to what they suggest is best for me???

Any help appreciated, many thanks...Dave smile.gif

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Maybe i'm not sure, unless its to see if my urine isn't as it should be, toxin levels, im not sure, or it could be as you say.

I've read so many bad things about accutane, but it seems to cure alot of people which is highly annoying. My acne is mild but no GP treatments have worked, not even thru persistance, and its really annoying my, self asteem is not good. My friend took accutane 6years ago, only for a few weeks and he hasn't flared up once, from 6yrs ago from now all but a few days..........although his hands often itch from it...........other than thats he's been ok since.

I suppose my story will un-fold on here in a few weeks!

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