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Hey guys. Sorry, but this isn't very on topic, but none of the other boards seemed to fit either.

I have acne under my chin but above my neck, and I tried putting some bp gel on it. It overly dried my neck so I stopped.

Now I am at college and my dorm has no ac. We had an ac unit for a while, but it was not allowed so we couldn't have it anymore. But before we lost it, we dehumidified the room. My neck got so dry it hurt and there are wrinkles on my neck when I woke up the next day. I live in Florida so we have fans in here instead. I have been putting moisturizer on like crazy on my neck but it seems to keep hurting and I have wasted a ton of moisturizer on my neck (Nivea Men's Lotion with q10) until I ran out. It's been about 3 or 4 days now, and all I have left is my friend's Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, which I am not sure I can use on my neck, but have to because I don't have anything else. My neck feels oily with all the lotion on it, but still hurts when I turn my head. There are dark areas on my neck which look like old skin or something. This is really embarrassing but I don't know what to do!

I am going to take the bus to a CVS in a couple of hours (I don't have a car at UF), so I need to know what to get for my neck, and whether or not putting on so much lotion is good or not. My neck looks horrible! Are the fans adding to the problem of dryness in my neck? I need them because I sweat less with them. (It's over 90 degrees here usually)

Thanks in advance and apologies for off-topicness!

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petroleum jelly! go get it quickly, apply liberally until your skin heals.

Thereafter, if you're on the regimen, do this:

-cleanse your face as usual

-apply petroleum jelly to your neck area (not where you breakout)

-wait 15 minutes

-wash hands like always

-apply BP to your face like usual

etc, etc...the rest of the regimen as it goes...

I've been in your same position, with my neck burning and darker patches of skin, the whole thing. trust me, petroleum jelly! Good luck eusa_angel.gif

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