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Just to give you some information. I am a 22 year old male that has been suffering from acne only for the past ~10 months. Not sure what triggered it but the only thing I can think of is that I was taking Cod Liver Oil supplements and I know they are partly Vitamin A. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.

I tryed many different OTC products since it all started, I gave a few different regimens a try. Clean & Clear Continous Control was by far the worst.... I still have redmarks for evidence of that (in areas that aren't acne prone).

This summer I have given the regimen 2 trial runs. On both of my attempts, I used Dan's minimal amount (across my entire face) of BP gel or possibly even less. I experienced extreme dryness and redness and my face absolutely burned throughout the day. I toughed it out to the point that I really couldn't talk anymore and every time I moved my mouth, skin would crack and believe me, it came off in layers. I am wondering if you guys think its worth a third try. Or, is bp maybe just not my solution? Has anyone had similar results but gone back to try a "modified" regimen that has cleared them up? I just can't get over how successful the regimen is and I want it to work for me as well.

Also, anyone else take oral antibiotics along side with the regimen? I just started Doxycline a few days ago and I'm waiting on results. Thanks for leading this post as its sort of long!

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my skin was just the same when i started the regimen. i couldnt hardly talk and if i laughed or yawned, my skin would peel and it really hurt. my skin was also really red like sunburn. it should go though, because my skin doesn't burn anymore and its dry, but not AS dry. exfoliating gently helped with the dry skin, but only every now and then. and i moisturised straight after. my skin is now clearing up really quickly, and i can start using more bp.

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