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Willing to give this stuff a try...

I've completely stopped using BP, and any other topical acne prevention. I'm only washing my very oily face with water, or a mild cleanser only once a day. For the next two weeks I will be wearing no makeup (gasp). I'm doing an experiment. I want to see exactly how bad my acne situation is, I have an appointment with a derm on Sept 13th....not expecting too much though. So far my acne's pretty bad. I went from a couple small pustules and whiteheads, to papules and couple nodes, which are painful and making my glands swell....these only took about a week to form. I'm guessing that the BP was preventing them from forming. WTF...I'm almost 24, and I'm taking BCP's that are supposed to prevent acne.....

I'm really skeptical of allopathic medicine. I'm not a fan of the FDA, since both the food and drug industries are financially driven. I like this board, because most of you guys agree that acne has an internal cause. For some reason doctors haven't figured it out yet. While I don't believe that acne is caused by "toxins" from our colons trying to come out of our skin, I do think liver function plays a role, since the liver is responsible for the uptake of excess hormones, and these hormones can effect sebum production. Maybe something is a bit askew with mine. Any blood work I've had is usually fine, but I have a damn hard time with alcohol. I've been known to have 4 day long hangovers (that result in dangerous dehydration) form just 2 glasses of wine....

As far as I know I eat pretty well and drink a lot of water. I don't eat organic stuff, since I always though it was so much more expensive, but maybe I'll start. I have a Whole Foods near me, so at least finding the stuff shouldn't be hard. I'm thinking of doing some kind of internal cleansing, just to see what happens. I'm kinda apprehensive about it though. I couldn't survive on only apples for 3 days. And you couldn't pay me a million bucks to take an enema, or worse.... get a colonic...

The info on this board is a little overwhelming...... Not sure what foods I can and can't eat.... I'll starve if I listen to everyone....Sorry this was so long guys any help would be much appreciated

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Guest charyan

yeah i know what you mean, someone says eat this, others say avoid it like the plague, its hard to know what to do, i've just given up now, changing my diet drastically everytime somoene said something new just made me unhappy, im just sticking to what i like and taking coconut oil, and the results are amazing, im very happy, skin has cleared up amazingly, i feel beautiful. I dont know if it will work with more severe cases of acne, but mine was mild/moderate and its gone now so i recommend people to give it a go.

good luck with your experiment and yes, i hate dermatologists, they haven't a clue and will never find a cure for acne as they're looking in the wrong direction. They couldn't find their arse with both hands.

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Unless you particularly think your make up is causing your acne Im not sure there is any benefit to wearing no make up.

I avoid it when Im a home, and I work from home a lot, or just hide away most the time and I can't say it improves anything.

You risk damaging the self confidence that you do have if you feel uncomfotable going out without make up, just something to think about.

Do you have any digestion problems? I do and Im hoping that if I can sort them I can resolve my acne (tho that seems mostly under control now) and speed up the healing time of my red marks.

Hangovers are caused by dehydration, make sure you drink at least as much water as alcohol WHILE your drinking the alcohol, drinking it hours afterwards is too late to prevent a hangover I find.

The only times I've ever got hangovers is when I forgot to drink water while drinking.

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I'm not worried about not wearing makeup. Honestly it makes my acne look worse. It's kind of ironic that I actually make makeup (mostly foundation concealer) for a living. Someone actually commented on my skin looking good today at work, even tough I have 2 small nodes on my cheek and a huge papule on my chin. I really don't have any white heads or blackheads though. Since I haven't been using BP, I guess the bacteria are thriving, causing more inflammatory type acne. I only have 3 lesions, and makeup can't cover them, because they are so swollen....aside from those the rest of my skin actually looks better than it has in a while. The red marks look better, and I have less wrinkles and fine lines (caused by BP I think).

I figured since I stopped BP my face would be covered in acne. The actual leisons are worse, but there aren't that many of them as I though there would be.

As far as I know I don't have any digestion problems. I'm regular like clockwork. I'm still a little confused about all this internal cleansing stuff and if it's really necessary.

I saw an infomercial about some cleansing product (Dual System Cleanse...I think). Its a blend of a bunch of herbs that are supposed to detoxify your body (milk thistle and stuff). They make all these great claims about improving energy, improving digestion, clearing skin, ect. Their claims scream "drug".... so they will probably get a nasty letter from those nice folks at the FDA and have to take it off the market soon. I'd like to try it before this happens.....anyone ever hear of this stuff....it seems like a less gruesome alternative to the apple fast/ liver flush thing.....

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I would say if your digestion is good then I wouldn't do all the cleansing, your more likely to disrupt things and make it worse perhaps.

You could try taking anti-inflammatory supplements like grape seed extract, I've been taking that a few weeks, not sure if it helps tho confused.gif

There are tons of cleansing products out there, I expect the one you saw was a just a lot more expensive due to the money they spend on advertising.

I just bought a liver cleansing tincture from a health shop, it contains milk thistle, dandelion and lots of other herbs etc.

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