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The Good Fight

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i've been on the regimen for a few months now, with some ups and downs.....but after adjusting the regimen to fit me, with the right moisturizer, bp amount and cleanser, i think im fighting the good fight.....anyways, i was at my girlfriends house for about 3 days this weekend for a graduation party (she lives out of state)....and of couse i would do the regimen at her house in the morning and before bed....well, one night i was in the bathroom puting the bp on my face and she goes into the bathroom with me and takes my tube of on-the-spot and i ask her what the hell she is doing....she said she was copying me and dapped a little bp on her face....now, she has beatiful and clear skin, but she said she was breaking out and wanted to copy what i was doing....i told her she was crazy for thinking that.....then she was looking at me and told me i had perfect skin and she wished she had that.........i couldn't believe my ears....i was like, yeah, right.....but she was dead serious and wasnt joking....man, i can't tell you how good it felt to hear someone say that about my skin....i've been self conscious about it for a long time and being that way i am, im so critical of my face, with even the smallest of things.....but to her that from my girlfriend, who is my best friend and who i love so much....it was the greatest thing in the world to hear....and now that i feel more confident, i can't explain how good it feels....this regimen is the only thing that has worked for me, and does work wonders....with persistence i don't think theres a way it can't at least control your face....but with time it will heal it....i know my battle isn't over....but i think i got the right game plan finally....this is just something i wanted to tell all you guys, cause i get inspiration for your stories as well....peace out

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Hey thats great news. I guess we all become are own worst critics where our faces are concerned because we have had acne. We notice the things others just don't see when looking at us.

Anyway hope you carry on seeing good results.


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Yeah, that's true about being overly critical of yourself. I have had 3 large 'slash' marks on my face for about 3 years now, and when I look in the mirror, they are the ONLY thing i see. But I was talking to my dad who I see everyday about them and he hadn't even noticed them! I had to point them out, and he was like 'oh yeah'.

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thats good news!

i'm glad to hear it. its like a weight has lifted!

well i just hope that everything will work out, and acne will forever disapppear in your life =)

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