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Differin for blackheads?

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Well, now my skin is pretty much clear of spots, like the skin obsessed person that I am, I don't want just, no acne, but I want to try and tackle my blackheads...

The only area that these are a factor is my nose, so the only area I'm concerning about is my nose...

Now, I know some people use BHA for blackheads, but I don't really wanna be faffing around with crappy SA, or scrubs, or toners, or masks, or steaming or baking soda or ACV or any of that crap.

The best thing about the regimen is that it is as simple as it is effective. So I'm thinking to keep things simple, I might, just once a day, smear on a little differin after applying the BP, before the moisturiser.

I think this should do a fantastic job of clearing blackheads...

...I don't wanna change my BP regimen because it is too good, but I wondering, has anyone ever tried applying a little differin to blackhead infected areas whilst on the regimen?

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Yeah, but its only my nose... noses are tough lol, I reckon the nose could take it.

Im gunna have to try it, it could be the saviour...

Besides, that is one of the advantages of differin- it is stable when used with BP.

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