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Acne... But is it really...

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I've been developing bumps on my leg and arm, and I've been having these tiny bumps in the spots where I shave on my face. Is it possible that these are ingrown hairs? And how do I remove them?

I plan on using aftershave (I didn't start using it yet since my parents believe it's a boy caring too much about his face lol), but will it work?

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i'm glad i saw this post! i got some weird bumps where i wax. they even had puss in them just like a zit! it helps to break it open and use a tweezer to get the hair out so it doesn't start hurting. i think the zit effect if from the wax i'm using. i'm gunna switch and see if that helps.

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I had so many problems with waxing that I had to swap back to shaving - it caused masses of ingrowing hairs and very bad folliculitis. It has taken me almost 10 years to get rid of it (well, still hasn't gone completely, but the best it's been since it first appeared)

I now wet shave my legs and use the homemade version of 'tendskin' every day (mixture of surgical spirit, witchazel and aspirin). It stung like mad the first couple of times I used it, and still stings a bit now, but it has made such a difference to my skin it's worth it.

I considered using other products, but it was too expensive, which is why I make my own now.

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