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Okay, I'm aggressively trying to fight: light acne, a ton of red marks, moderate pitted scarring. I have ALL of these products (this is a bit ridiculous) but I don't know the best way, or in what order I should use them. Which are good, and which should I just get rid of?? Which in the morning, which at night? I bet others may have this problem, so let's hear some regimes people might suggest!? Thanks for any help/ideas you've got!!

The List



-neutrogena foaming cleanser

-aveeno cleanser (the one for acne)

-origins Oil Refiner toner

-vita k solution

- TriReduction (copper peptides, I think)

-neutrogena vitamin lotion stuff

-alpha hydrox lotion

-two sample sizes of Kinerase (what does this do??)

-mint julep mask

- Lactic/Glycolic peel from homepeels

- youthful essence microdermabrasion tool-thingy

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Njinco1.....I want to help you but first this is what you MUST understand, NOT everything works 4 everyone, NOT everything works ALL the time.


Be gentle

Be observant {your skin can change from day to day requiring different treatments}

WASH: you have 2 listed, I use Purpose & love it but also have a stronger backup when i feel extra greasy & rough. so for your options I'd use the Neutrogena 2x's daily and save the aveeno for "special" circumstances.

TONER: uh...most would say to drop it, Too harsh. I use toner INFREQUENTLY on my chest & neck if i feel icky & can't shower, OR to spot treat a breakout....but I DON"T use it everyday.

TREATMENT: you have NO benzoyl peroxide product listed and I believe it is imperative to have it at LEAST on hand for a breakout.

MOISTURIZER: WOW there's like 6 listed...The Multi-Vit lotion is pretty hot on the boards, I didn't like it sooo much, but it's not bad. The Vita-K WAS THE "Scar" lotion, but now I've heard conflicting experiences. {but remember!!!!not everything works for everyone!!!} This is what I would do w/ all these moisturizers:

VitaK- use periodically on scars

Trireduction- Shelve until you are out of something better.

Neutro.Vitamin- alternate daily w/ Alpha Hydroxy

Alpha Hydroxy- alternate w/ Neutrogena Vitamin

I love & use aha moisturizers, BUT if it's too strong, use that Trireduction stuff. ALSO!! I believe the NeutroMultiVitamin has SA in it which should NOT be used w/ bp, so ONLY use it if you aren't in a breakoutn cycle & just working on the redmarks & scars.


I use the mint julep mask 1 to 2 x's a week

The Kinersase is a special moisturizer for healing skin from burns & peels.

Since you just have samples I'd hold on to them to use after you do a home peel or microdermabrasion........about that....uh...I dig glycolic peels, probably do 3 to 6 a year, but only professionally. Hey it's your face & you bought the stuff so if you have the balls and are willing to cope if you burn and/or grind the F*&k out of your face....go for it, but like once every 2/3 months.

Hope this helps! Remember..just bcs you bought it sdoesn't mean you have to use it...that's what I tell my yucky bottles of b5 ALL the time.

Good luck!

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you're awesome; thanks. I forgot: no bp; I'm afraid of it causing more red marks, but I do use a tea tree blemish stick thing and I love it.

What else do people think??

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Im definately in the belief that if your acne is only mild, then the less your putting on your skin the better off it will be.

At the moment im on the simplest regimen ive ever been on and my skin has never looked better.

Its hard to give advice with any real confidence as everyones acne is totally different.

what helped me-

*avoid any acne medicated washes

*use a mild cleanser at night and watered down cleanser to splash your face with in the morning.

*avoid any toners especially ones with alcohol( use watered down lemon juice if you really need to)

*Small amounts of sunlight are good for your skin but burning will alter your oil levels.

*Exfoliate once a week. I use a oatmeal, honey and mint mask.

* use a simple, light moisturiser twice a day find one that dosnt make claims about making you look instantly younger or that controls oil etc.

* if your male, try to shave everyday as this helps promote fresh skin growth and heal scars.

* Antioxidant supplements also help A,C,E, Zinc.

* Drinking lots of water is good for skin tone and all round good health.

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Also, just a little point: start really basic (cleanser, treatment, moisturiser) and change one thing at a time so you know what's breaking you out or working well for you. If you're a girl, don't try new products when you have your period - if you break out, you won't know why. I found that AHAs broke me out, but it took me like a week to figure it out for this reason.

Remember that Neutrogena multi-vit moisturiser contains AHAs and BHAs, so be careful with this one! And wait till you've figured out your routine before you start with the peels.

The number one rule is: gently!

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