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dieting and accutane

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Do you think your diet while on accutane affects how well accutane will work? since high levels of trtiglycerides in your blood or a high fat diet should be avoided while on accutane, what about low-fat diets? does anybody have a diet that they reccomend while on accutane? I read that someone actually reccomended eating a lot of fat and taking accutane at meals, so that accutane could be absorbed better. what does anyone think??

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Accutane absorption is greatly increased when taken with a "standardized high fat meal", whatever that is, because Accutane is a very lipophilic (binds to fats) substance. I feel you should stick with a balanced diet, and make sure that there is some fat in the meals you take your Accutane with. That doesn't mean you should load up fried chicken - you want to avoid saturated fats and especially trans fats since those can increase the triglyceride and "bad" cholesterol levels even further. Stick with the mono and poly unsaturated fats like those found in olive and canola oils, avocados, that sort of thing. If you go to the American Heart Association website they have a nice list of the "good" fats - those are the ones you want to choose, especially when on Accutane, but really just in general.

Also, avoid alcohol - it apparently causes huge spikes in triglycerides, even from just one drink. I'd abstain until the course is complete.

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