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Green eyes

What do i do with whiteheads?anyone?

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I have a problem with wihteheads. No pimples just whiteheads. If i squeeze them they just come back up again. I know that if they come back up they haven't fully come out or they got infected. But what can i do without having to sqeeze then. They open up when i wash my face and that's not good because they be red and harder to cover up. Anyone have any suggestions or cures for this problem?

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hey there

I had that problem too. Unfortunately there's nothing much you can do but to wait for them to leave. OR, you could try getting Differen from your derm. I got prescribed differen for my whiteheads on my forehead and worked really well! i started noticing imporovements in the second week.

If not, then just continue following the regime, i hear alot of people that with time along with the regime, they go away! Not mater what, don't squeeze em, unless they are ready to be squeezed. hope i've healped

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They actually are ready to be squeezed but i'm not sqeezing them cuz i know that it will just turned into a red spot afterwards. I don't mind them as much as i mind pimples but i wish they'd go away. And i have been on Differin and it just made more come up. The whiteheads came up because of Differin. Differin did not work for me at all. Now that i'm off it i've noticed a reduction in the amount of whiteheads that i do have. But thanks alot for trying i appreciate it :D Do you know of anything that will dry it up fast?

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hey i have white heads too. LOTS OF THEM. i really don't know what to do.

Have you tried Dan's regimen? If you have how long have you use it & is there any difference?

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